Why to Choose a Career in Core Fields in Engineering ? – Complete Analysis

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This really creates kind of havoc to engineer’s life whether to choose the future in core field or shift towards the different sector. This question arises because of the unemployment rates which are rising every year. This becomes a question of worry for the new graduates. But this article is going going to clear your all doubts about the benefits of choosing a profession in core field. The reality which is taking place rapidly is that the people who are from different fields they are going to IT only. The people who belong to IT they naturally go for IT companies. So a kind of mess is made by the people. The people who are non ITs believe that there are more benefits in IT sector as compared to their core sector. According to a survey of AISHE, approximately 7.8lakhs engineers are graduated every year and most of them choose IT sector as a profession. But the reality is far beyond to this term. Initially, everything is pretty attractive, the salary package, job facilities by IT companies and the work. But after 4-5 years, people get bored by doing same work every day. So at this time, they cannot even shift their profession towards the different field.


Why to Choose Profession in Core Field after Engineering


On the other hand, the people who show some courage to join their core field feel little depressed at the very beginning. This happens because of the facilities provided by Core Company comparatively to IT companies are poor. The salary is not that handsome, load of work. But after some time, the new technologies they learn and get experience in their work and have deep pockets as compared to IT sector. At this stage, they realize that the decision of not joining the IT was right and they proudly get salary hike and experience in their core field.

But still there are some doubts or myths people are having about profession in core field and below we have taken initiative to clear some of those:-


Why to Choose Profession in Core Field after Engineering


1. This is the biggest myth people have that the girls cannot work in core field or less female work in core field. But guys there is no such thing even exist in the real world. The girls are equally working by the shoulder to shoulder with the males. They are equally responsible for the growth of companies and getting benefits of jobs commonly to the Males. In some of the companies, even the females are running the companies successfully and make the whole nation proud.


Why to Choose Profession in Core Field after Engineering



2. Growth is really the big question to worry about. Everyone wants a rising job graph in the life. So that is why people prefer to join the IT sector or the field where the growth is enough and hardly join the core. Yes, initially it looks attractive but not joining core will not last long. That is why instead of rapid growth and quick fall after some years hurt more than joining core with less growth initially. In the core, field growth is not that much as compared to IT sector. As the experience is gained and new technologies are learnt, the value of core field gets a rapid hike. This is why it is a pure myth and fake news.


Why to Choose Profession in Core Field after Engineering


3. We know it is all about MONEY. This is again a great myth which says there is less money to earn in core field. But it is not like that. Core field asks for technical knowledge and the engineering gives us this. This is why the one who has high technical knowledge gets paid high easily. So all you need to understand is the technical knowledge of your job. Let’s take an example of an electronic student. He has been doing the technical work since the very beginning of his engineering. That is why if he goes to his own core companies he will get great growth in future with the great hike in salary.


Why to Choose Profession in Core Field after Engineering


4. This is the biggest myth people have in their mind that the new technologies are not introduced in the core sector and that is the reason the core sector is lacking. This is purely false. Instead, most of the new technologies or innovations are produced by core companies and the IT sectors are used to them. But these kind of news are not that popular and the other field takes benefits of this. They learn the new technologies from core fields and create their own companies to train others and earn money.

So we hope that the above article clears your myths about not make profession in your core field to some extent. We are not saying that IT field is not that beneficial but it was just a comparison between the core and non-core field. it totally depends on the education you guys have about the job opportunities.

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