Best Books for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering Aspirants

Books for GATE 2020
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Importance of Choosing the right book

With the GATE 2020 examination just months away, it is extremely important that the candidate should focus on securing a high rank to get admission in a deemed institutes like IIT’s, IISc or the NIT. Students can vie for a place in various academic courses such as MTech, MArch, MSc and PhD programmes offered there. More than 10 Lakhs candidates are expected to appear for the GATE Mechanical examination and faculty from the best GATE coaching institutes have stressed on the importance of a targeted and structured study regime. Whether the student decides to opt for Self Study or enrol in the coaching institute, books form an integral component of one’s preparation strategy. The difference in the two approaches basically lies in the ease of finding the study materials including the course and reference books besides with books on Previous years Question Papers written by noted authors. The Self Study approach has the candidate involved in the research either through friends, teacher or online to accumulate the necessary study material. The enrolled candidate in a good GATE coaching Institute like the Engineers Career Group enjoys the advantage of receiving the entire study material along with names of extra Reference books to be read(Most of the time are available in the Institute’s Library ) or their copies for study and practice. The latter process thus is much preferred especially by the candidates who aim to appear for the GATE examination while pursuing their graduation or professionals who suffer from time crunch due to their busy schedule can aim to find the necessary study material under one roof. Also joining a coaching institute would provide the candidate with dual advantage impart an organized study plan and secondly a state of the art study material.

There is no doubt that the syllabus in the GATE Mechanical Exam is enormous and involves a jargon of research, design, construction, manufacturing principles. A prospective GATE aspirant has to put in extra practise to master the concepts through continuous practice. Most of the students who are involved in self-study get overwhelmed by the suggestions given to them by their friends or their seniors. One has to be extremely selective in the books referred to for the preparation of the exam. Instead of focussing on numerous books, concentrate on a few that cover the entire syllabus. Besides, it is always recommended to refer the books from reputed authors and current publication so as to get the most updated information.

Shared below are some of the popular and most followed books by prospective aspIrants that can not only provide the foundation to build your concepts, but sufficient practise can help you strengthen the concepts for GATE 2020 Exam

Best Books for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering Aspirants

1.Thermodynamics by PK Nag Wiley Publication

“ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS” for the students of 3rd semester, Mechanical Engineering branch. This book covers the new syllabus prescribed by CSVTU. This book contains quite sufficient details on every topic in a very systematic & manner. This revised book presents a stack of real-world engineering examples to understand and augment the ideas developed. The foundation of this hallmark text remains a clear and simple exposition of thermodynamic principles. This book facilitates the reader to comprehend its fundamental ideas buried under the haze of abstractness and to appreciate the logical development of thermodynamic reasoning. Besides the comprehensive coverage of details, the book has solved questions with adequate understanding enabling the students to understand the concepts in a lucid manner. The book also contains MCQ’s which provides the students with sufficient practice.

2. Fluid Mechanics & Machines- R K Bansal, Yunus Cengel

Fluid Mechanics and Machines by R.K Bansal and Cengel is an ideal book for the GATE Mechanical examination. The book provides the student with an adequate understanding of the complex processes involved in the transfer of heat. Besides, it covers in detail all the basics and the physics principals that are involved in Fluid Mechanics. The concepts are explained with the help of mathematical representation. The book also provides an insight into advanced topics like Computational Fluid Dynamics which are covered as an introductory topic in the book. Excelling in Fluid Mechanics requires an individual to understand the applications rather than just merely remembering the definition or a derivation. The above book stands out from the rest owing to the fact that it is application-driven.

3. Machine Design by R S Khurmi, Bhandari

Both the books are ideal from the point of view of cracking the GATE Exams. There are students who prefer either of the two books for various reasons. The book by Bhandari, on one hand, provides a clear exposure to the underlying concepts regarding the machine part design. The description is simple and easily understood by one and all.R.S Khurmi, on the other hand, is distinct and considered ideal for students preparing for academic or University examination. Khurmi provides the students with a vast range of problems on various topics for practice that shall help for the GATE examination and other University examination. Although both books are rated at par, still many consider Machine Design by RS Khurmi as their preferred option owing to the concise style of explanation.

4.Manufacturing Engineering by Kalpak Jain

One of the most compelling text on the subject of Manufacturing Engineering the current edition focusses on various important aspects.
a)Effect of Materials and Processing parameters to understand manufacturing processes and operations
b)Important Design Considerations. Product Quality and Manufacturing cost factors.
c)Domestic and Global competitive context of each manufacturing process and Operation along with illustrative examples.
The book also presents each topic in a broader context of manufacturing engineering and technology accompanied by detailed diagrams and Flowcharts. Besides the emphasis on the practical use of concepts, there are analogies and discussions to stimulate the student’s minds about how various products are manufactured. Advantages and Limitations of various manufacturing processes are discussed in detail accompanied by an exhaustive question bank of 2200 problems for practice.

5. Industrial Engineering made Easy -O.P Khanna

O.P Khanna’s Industrial Engineering and Management 17th edition is a detailed book for undergraduates for both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Streams. The book covers in detail about all theory behind Industrial Management, Production Planning and Control, Work and Motion Study, Personnel Management and Financial aspect of Industries. This elaborative book covers in detail all the topics and is indispensable for students preparing for GATE and similar competitive examinations.

6.Strength of Materials- R K Bansal, Timoshenko and Gere

Strength of Materials by RK Bansal and Rajput can be an effective and recommended book for practice on numerical problems. The book has coverage of numerical on all topics. It is recommended that the candidate should build up concepts through Gere and Timoshenko’s book followed by problem-solving from the Bansal. The Strength of Materials book by Gere & Timoshenko is a value for one’s money but is heavily maths centric. In case one is not comfortable with the advanced level of mathematics that the book targets at, one can concentrate on a textbook with basics. Thus the first time users should concentrate on studying from a concept-oriented textbook to guide you through the subject, referring to G&T for the rigorous maths when required.

7.Theory Of Machines by SS Rattan /Sharma

Most of the students recommend referring to the ‘Theory of Machines’ book by SS Rattan. The book is one of the most recommended especially for the beginners. What has made the book more popular amongst the students is the step by step approach used to solve various problems which one can’t find in any other book? Thus in the event, if one is facing any problem he can try solving questions from the book. While the Theory of Machines by SS Rattan can help the student with the practice the book by Sharma covers the concepts in detail and provides the student with an understanding of the processes in an elaborative way.

8. Heat and Mass Transfer by R K Rajput,

The book of R.K. Rajput good for heat and mass transfer is one of the most referred to the book for GATE aspirants for it provides a great explanation of all topics. Also, the book has accompanying examples of numerical or Theory providing the students with sufficient practice.
Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer – Frank P. Incropera
The book lays a big emphasis on the physical understanding of the three transfer processes, rather than just memorization of a bunch of equations. Besides the book clearly explains the theory behind the transfer of heat through illustrated pictures and graphs which adds to the candidates the clarity on concepts. The derivations are accompanied by suitable descriptions which are usually not the case with other textbooks.

9.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-, Arora,R S Khurmi

Though there are many books on both the topics but there are two books that are extremely popular with the candidates :
1) Arora and Domkundwar, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Dhanpatrai & Company.
The book is one of the most read by the candidates aiming for the GATE preparation. Covered in detail are almost all the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning topics beginning with the basic to advanced level. Besides the old features of the book, it has been updated with the new features. With the exception of reorganizing the first law coverage and updating the steam and refrigerant properties, the main body of the text remains largely unchanged. The book covers in detail one of the major application of Thermodynamics which is refrigeration. Operation principle of Refrigerators mainly the refrigeration cycles(vapour compression refrigeration cycle) are some of the topics discussed in the book. The book is written in a very simple manner and can be easily understood by all.
2) Khurmi R.S. and Gupta J.K., Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Eurasia Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
One of the aptly written textbooks for GATE Mechanical aspirants, this is a book for someone who is not only preparing for the exam but also has an interest in knowing about the subject. The book comprises of various chapters providing deep insight into each concept. Each chapter is accompanied by illustrations and exercises providing more clarity to the students. Some of the main features of the book are approximately 800 examples, figures, tables, pictorial depictions and More than 500 chapter-end (objective and subjective) and exercise questions add to the practice of the students.

10. Textbook of Engineering Mechanics by RK Bansal

This book is a recommended buy for the candidates aiming for the GATE Mechanical branch for its lucidly written concepts aided with easily understood examples. Important concepts such as Moments and their applications, Inertia, Motion (Laws, Harmony and Connected Bodies), Kinetics of Motion of Rotation as well as Work, Power and Energy are elaborately explained for a candidate to have a grasp on the subject. There have been numerous changes in the field for the last so many years and still it continues to be one of the most sought after texts by the students. Some of the important features of the book consist of 36 elaborative chapters covering all the major theories of the subject. The concepts are accompanied by approximately 1200 figures and underlying examples. There are more than 750 text exercise questions at the end of the chapter for practice

11.Higher Engineering Mathematics- BS Grewal

The book bolstered by its heavy demand has run through twelve heavy reprints in two years, Most of the contents have been retained for the readers have welcomed it with appreciation. Still, there have been a lot of incorporations in the form of addition of some more numbers solved examples along with the incorporation of latest university question papers. Also provided are a number of objective questions following each chapter which is updated with each edition. The ever increasing popularity of the book is mainly owing to various authors and faculty who share their suggestions from time to time to maintain the quality.ok.

12.GATE books by Engineers Career Group

Engineers Career Group offers the best GATE Mechanical Engineering books Most of the GATE Mechanical students are constantly on the lookout for literature that would enable them to master the core topics of the exam. These recommended books for GATE Mechanical Engineering covers a range of topics varying from Strength of Materials, Machine Design, Heat Transfer or basic topics like General Aptitude or Mathematics. Indigenous Publications of the Engineers Career Group have sufficient details on every topic covered in a systematic and comprehensive yet concise manner. Considered the best books for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering, these books are augmented with many real-world engineering examples to ace the examination.

13. General Aptitude

There are many Aptitude books available in the Market dedicated to GATE preparation. The aptitude examination consists of two parts Verbal and Non Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability. Given below are some books that can help you prepare the foundations of the exam and aid in the enhancement of your understanding of the topics. Some of the books that can prove to be helpful are :
a)How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
b)A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal
Publisher:S Chand
c)High School English Grammar by Wren and Martin
Publisher: S Chand
d)General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics 2020 by Trishna Knowledge Systems
Publisher: Manav Book Distributors

Ideal Study Approach and Some Additional Books

There are many good books on each subject available in the market which leads to confusion amongst the students. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial for a candidate preparing for GATE 2020 to understand the exam syllabus in detail and equip themselves with the right set of books. Besides GATE books, the student should practice by referring to other study materials such as sample Test papers, Mock Tests and Question banks by some of the best GATE coaching institutes like ECG. The sole purpose of the blog is to provide valuable information about the important books on various topics to prospective students preparing for GATE 2020. Some of the leading names in the GATE coaching have highlighted the importance of previous years question papers which provides to understand the pattern and the marking scheme. Time Management plays a key role in the success of the candidate. The student should aim to get a maximum number of questions within the given time interval. Continuous practise makes one confident and makes him ready to attempt the examination with a focussed mind. Some of the other important books that can be helpful for the GATE Mechanical Students are :

  1. Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach (SIE) by Cengels and Boles.
  2. Fluid Machines by SK Som,Gautam Biswas and Chakraboty
  3. Design of Machine Elements by Ganesh Babu and Srithar
  4. Strength of Materials by R Subramanium
  5. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by John J. Uicker, Gordon R. Pennock & Joseph E. Shigley
  6. Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer by Mahesh M Rathore
  7. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by G.S Sawhney
  8. Engineering Mechanics by S.S Bhavikatti
  9. Higher Engineering Mathematics by Ramana
  10. Manufacturing Science by Amitabha Ghosh

Disciplined preparation by following the above shall always put one in good standing. It is essential that besides following the above books, the candidate should time and again practice polishing the contents. One of the best strategies is to make concise notes during preparation, which can always be referred to before the examination day

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