Can I Crack GATE If I Start in October ?

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With GATE exam almost sitting on the door, this question sure is raising in many minds. While it is highly beneficial and recommended to start preparing early, you still do have a chance to nail GATE-2018 if you start right at this moment. We are in the first week of October and GATE-2018 is just about a few months away. Here’s how you can still manage to qualify the exam with great results.


So the Strategy is as usual. We all know how Britishers Ruled the world. The best strategy accepted by them throughout the world and a very successful one is “Divide & Rule”.

  1. Smart work

Hard work is for the skilled what smart work is for the efficient! Be efficient in a situation where you lack the most important thing “TIME” & focus on strategy, not syllabus! If you would plan to cover the whole syllabus, it would get chaotic. Working on the smart work is the nerve.


2. Work according to the weightage


The table below explains the pattern of GATE-2018,


Section Percentage
General Aptitude 15
Engineering Mathematics 15
Technical 70


Studying the table in detail, it can easily be inferred that focusing on General Aptitude & Engineering Mathematics can fetch you good 30 marks. Target currently is only to work smartly to fetch more marks in order to increase the chances of qualifying the test. So the main agenda should be to focus on these two sections.


3. Categorize the technical section

Technical section is subject specific. Agenda should be to divide this section topic-wise. List down the topics and subjects considering two facts:

  1. Subjects that you are strong in.
  2. Subjects that are high scoring.

Work just according to this list and you can be assured of good results.




4. Previous year Papers

When you are confused, previous year papers come to rescue. From getting the hint about the level of exam and covering all the important topics, previous papers add a strong base to your preparations.


5. Spend time choosing the best aid

Although you are running extremely short of time, you still need to devote a few productive hours looking out for an institute that can provide you highly effective study material and unmatched quality Crash courses.


Having a great strategy planned in accordance with your time is just not enough; one must act on it and start working towards it. To help you gain a momentum and make sure you follow the plans by heart, you need a perfect aid to guide you every day and watch out for each day progress. Engineers Career Group is starting up with Crash Courses, free online GATE preparation lectures and much more to cater the needs of each student. We make sure every student gets personal attention and make efforts to bring out the best from them.

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