Can you get a Top Rank in an exam like GATE & IES without coaching ? – See our latest Case Study.

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Well, this topic is not something which is uncommon, each and every one of us has gone through such discussion in our life at the certain point of time. It might have had happened with your parents or group of friends but it actually had happened.  Also, there is a very amazing thing in this discussion that it never gave you a particular answer. But have you ever thought that why have your discussions are never-ending and with no general answer ? We guess,NO. So, first, let’s find it out.


Can you get a Top Rank in an exam like GATE & IES without coaching - Do you think it's too easy -


Why are Some people in support of Self-Preparation and some people are Not ?

The answer to this question depends on upon the kind of person or people you are in discussion with. As, if you are discussing this question with your parents or grandparents then you will always get an answer that goes for self-preparation because in their times there was no competition as it is in these days. Also, the number of educated people were less during those times but in these days number of people with bachelor’s and master’s degree are increasing. There is another fact which can’t be avoided that in those days to top in an exam you have to score 60% but now you have to score 90%. So, you can understand that how the time has changed and you cannot stick to those old days plans to become a new day achiever in any exam like GATE & IES.

What the CASE STUDY of last 5 years say about self-preparation and Coaching  ?

If you will pick the best performers or the toppers of last 5 years of GATE & IES examinations then you will find that if 100 were the seats then 1000 students appeared in the examination and out of those 100 students who got selected we found  very astonishing facts:

  1. 47 % students were those who were preparing for the exam from past 2 or 3 years.
  2. 53% students were those who were preparing for the exam for the first time.
  3. 77% students were those who were taking coaching from some institute for the first time or for the second time.
  4. 14% students were those who were taking guidance from their college teachers and were preparing from online help like notes and online test series etc along with the teacher’s guidance.
  5. 9% students were those who were totally on self-preparation. However, they also took online help from various sources.

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Reasons – Why the ratios are like this ?

The key reasons for why the ratios are like this are:

  • Why freshers are getting it right and better is because they are in touch with their studies and they have enough time to study and practice. However when a person cracks GATE or IES but he does not clear Interviews for IES, PSU,s & IIT’s then they start working along with studies due to which they get less time and their ratio decreases. Although they take time but still they clear it.
  • Another reason for why freshers perform better is because they are the one who took coaching from the right Institute or Guide instead of wasting their time and money. So, the reason for this is not because they were fresher, it was because they went at the right place and got right guidance, so they cracked it all.

Our Conclusion from the CASE STUDY about Self Preparation and Coaching.

What we have concluded from the case study and from our past experience that Coaching is definitely Important.

But if you will be just dependent on your Coaching institutes then you will not be able to cope up with the actual scholars as Coaching tells you how to do a question, give you know how about the fundamentals, Do’s and Don’ts about the subjects and tips and tricks to reduce time but you are the one who has to imply all those things in your daily life to actually reach a point where you have the qualities in you to be in those top 100.So, according to us, Yes, you do need an external help and guidance from a coaching institute but your self-preparation and introspection are also required so that the by-product of your time and money invested should not be ZERO.




We will suggest you that if you want to be in Toppers, not in just Passed one’s then you should go for coaching.




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