Engineering, Employment and Exam! How they can be Good Friends?

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This article is the complete analysis of the employment situation in Engineering. This is an initiative taken to find out the reasons which let the most of the engineers not to join core or some major competitive exams. This is the reason that it considered as Engineering, Employment and Exams are not good friends. But the reality is people are not that educated to learn about the opportunities to get employed using these three terms. So this whole survey is explained below right from the beginning:

  1. Life in Engineering:

Life in engineering for current time has changed totally. This is because in past if someone peruses engineering was considered as a very educated person and had a great respect. But with the passage of time, the graph of people perusing engineering got a huge hike. This further became a big reason for unemployment. This is because people are graduated but not enough capacity to work in companies. They are not well skilled to get fit in job sectors. Following are some reason pointed which make them become like this:

  • Maximum people are forced to join Engineering by parents or some other reasons.
  • People join different engineering stream because of less or no seat available in their liking stream. This is almost at every engineering college.
  • In very early semesters students get supplies/backlogs. This somewhere makes their moral down.
  • It is a very common survey which is students speak which says students get less practical knowledge as compare to theoretical. That is why they are not that skilled to get fit for jobs.
  • One more thing, the one who is willing to do something creative, do not get handsome chances.
  • One most important thing which is really the worst is at the time of placements students are hired on the basis of the aptitude exams and their English speaking skills mostly.
  • Most of the colleges are focused to finish their syllabus in time instead of appreciating someone’s creative engineering projects.



  1. Reasons to Make Engineers Hate Exams:

  • At the very 1st semester, students get their backlogs. This is because of the different environment they experience in colleges after completing school.
  • The workload is little high in the engineering field as compared to others. Assignments, exams and project make the student not to concentrate on creative things.
  • Maximum of the students cram the syllabus just to pass the exams. This is why they do not get the basic knowledge of their core.
  • Exams check the memory of the student, not the capability. The one has memory like an elephant clears the exam and others get fail.
  • Getting backlogs make the confidence of student down and make them hate exams.



Above are some reasons to hate the exams by engineers. These are one of the major reasons which make them avoid even their core exams or competitive exams.


  1. Why Generally People Not Choose Profession Core:

  • The common reason not choosing the core job is considering that fewer opportunities for promotions available in the core as compared to IT field.
  • People believe that girls cannot work in the core which is purely false.
  • People believe that growth is very low in core
  • The technology used in core sector is very poor or core sector do not accept new technology because of lack of funds.


  1. Survey of People Who Join Jobs in Engineering Field

Employment Rates Every Year

  • 7% of the total engineers get a job every year

People Who Get Employment

  • 97% want a job in software or core.
  • Only 3% have skills to be employed.
  • Survey According to HRD Ministry: India has 6214 engineering and technology institute in total and they are serving 2.9 million students out of 1.5M get employment.
  • According to Aspiring Minds Report:
  1. Tier-1 cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, 18.26% of software engineers are job ready.
  2. Tier-2 Pune, Nagpur and Surat only 14.17% are employable.




Engineering, Employment and Exam can be Good Friends

The information says the reason that why these three: Engineering, Employment and Exams are not good friends. This is because the information shows about those people who are not that educated to know about the job opportunities given by the competitive exams in core field. In the following, the solution to make them friends is given in this article which surely helps people to find employment:

  1. Competitive exams like GATE, SCC JE and IES are best exams for engineering students to get most secure jobs in core field with long-lasting job security.
  2. These are a national level test and conducted by some of the major assets of government like IIT, IIS and Indian government itself.
  3. By clearing GATE exam you can get employment in PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) with a huge salary package in the range of 11lakh to 14lakh with 35 years of job career.
  4. Qualifying SSC JE can provide you group B category Officer Post under Central Government of India with 30 years of Job Career and provides 5lakh annual salary package.
  5. Passing IES exam can give you V.I.P status with group A category officer Post. 2 canals of House is offered by the central government of India with a salary package of 7.2lakh per Annum alongside 25+ years of job career.
  6. On average 1500+ jobs are offered by the central government of India and you can get employed by qualifying these three (GATE, SSC JE and IES) major national level exams and can avail the benefits for the rest of your

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