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The GATE score becomes valid only after the candidate completes all requirements of the qualifying degree.

The GATE 2014 score will be valid for two years from the date of announcement of results.

Details about the content of the GATE Scorecard will be made available in the GATE websites at the appropriate time.

The GATE 2014 Committee has the authority to decide the qualifying marks for each paper.

There is no provision for additional GATE Score cards.

After the evaluation of the answers, the raw marks obtained by a candidate will be converted to a normalized GATE Score which is out of 1000.

The maximum score can be 1000 .

GATE Score Range

800 to 1000

675 to 800

Very good
550 to 675

425 to 550

Above average
300 to 425

100 to 300

Below average

Gate Percentile

Percentile of candidate indicate the percentage of candidates who appeared in the same paper and scored less than him/her.
GATE 2014 Results

How to calculate percentile, importance of score out of 1000 rather than 100.

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