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GATE 2020 Reference Books form the foundation for the preparation of the popular Engineering Examination. Candidates through the GATE exam can seek admissions to some of the leading programs of prestigious institutions such as. various post-graduate education programs such as Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture, PhD, along with financial assistance provided by MHRD and other government agencies. Candidates inclined to do research in their subject but unsure of how to get admission in PhD through GATE should make it a point to go through this article.GATE 2020 is an exclusive opportunity for the candidates looking for jobs in the PSU’s (Public sector Undertakings). Success in the GATE Examination is a result of focus, dedication and individual’s perseverance.GATE Reference books should be selected taking into consideration the important aspects mentioned above. GATE Exam 2020 notification has been out and the online registration has initiated since September 3rd.


GATE reference books for each subject encompasses the key concepts in a detailed manner. Writers have ensured that the students are delivered the study material in an easily understandable manner. Books avoid the jargons and every care is taken to make the concepts as simplified as possible. Accompanying examples and solutions makes it easier for the students to understand the concepts in a broader perspective. The publications have all the components that are critical to the candidate’s success in the exam.


(Civil, Computers, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical)


Cover the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

First and Foremost element needed for the preparation of the GATE Examination is going through the syllabus and GATE Exam pattern. Irrespective of the various Engineering streams for which the candidates prepare for, an ideal strategy demands a candidate refer to the study material that covers the syllabus. Thus in order to achieve success in the exam, the material selected should have a comprehensive overage of all the concepts, diagrammatic representations, examples and added Numerical Problems that form the basis of the examination.

Comprehensive Coverage of Concepts

Candidates targeting the GATE examination should understand that it is one of the most enduring Engineering Examinations. Thus the  GATE 2020 Reference books should be so selected that it should provide comprehensive coverage of all the integral concepts. Whether the Stepwise and methodical solutions are involved or the ever intricate derivations, they all should be covered in a straightforward and lucid manner.GATE Online Test Series is one of a kind and is designed keeping in view of the syllabus and the past pattern of the previous year Question Papers. Test series ensure the strengthening of each of the concept of the study material.

Elaborate Description of Topics

One needs to select the reference material in such a way so as to cover the entire syllabus. For Instance, a prospective Mechanical Engineering Graduate should target the best books for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering Aspirants for best results. These reference books should have a detailed coverage of topics like Clean /wastewater systems, Operation of Turbines, pumps, valves and pipes, Offshore and nearshore coastal engineering., Fluid-structure interaction (wind in skyscrapers and long bridges, liquids in tanks, etc).,Diffusion of pollution in the air or in the water,Fire, combustion, blasts, etc,Heating, ventilation and air conditioning and partially saturated porous media (f. ex. recovery of oil and gas).

A unique combination of Knowledge and Precision.

These highly recommended reference book series deliver everything that a prospective GATE Test aspirant is seeking while preparing for the GATE Examination. Engineers Career Group is a firm believer of the fact that anyone who aspires for a spot in the IIT’s or IIS of the country, should have access to good study material is the answer. The unique feature of the study material is that the content is solely written from the perspective of an aspirant. Collaboration and the untiring efforts of the management along with numerous noteworthy academicians have resulted in the compilation of a unique blend of knowledge, precision and unambiguity.

Great insight has been applied in their drafting and appropriate references from various sources, detailed explanations and following questions have enriched the quality of the content to a large proportion following each chapter and questions for each topic. Diagrammatic Representation is included at appropriate places that seek for the students to understand the concepts in an elaborative and an easier way.

Valuable Time-Saving Tips

Another feature of the Engineers Career Group’s GATE Study Material is the accompanying Valuable Tips and Tricks that come in handy during the actual examination. It is a well-known fact that most of the numerical problems are time-consuming and take a lot of time. These valuable tips help the candidate to accomplish the tasks in comparatively lesser time and resulting in spending on other important questions. However one should be prudent in maintaining the accuracy of the questions along with the speed. Regular practice by going through the elaborate test series using the Valuable Tips and Tricks is a key to success in the GATE Exam.

GATE 2020 Reference Books-Engineers Career Group’s Knowledge Paradigm

Engineers Career Group’s exclusive material serves the sole objective of guiding the prospective candidate’s towards acing the GATE Exam. The Institute over the years channelled the efforts of a number of candidates in this small period of time and is considered as an epitome of delivering not only quality education for GATE but also for other Engineering Examinations such as IES/SSE and SSC-JE. IES syllabus and Exam Pattern is also extremely extensive and requires candidates to put in the diligent effort and follow a stringent schedule. The reference books by ECG publications are written and proof-read by some of the most literary minds in the Engineering Education business. Lucid explanations segregated chapters according to the disciplines enable the candidates to grasp the underlying principles with ease.

This unique Engineering book combos also seeks to resolve the apprehensions of many a student intimidated by numerical problems. Numerous numerical problems are a part of each chapter, which are explained in a coherent style. Explicit demonstration of the theoretical component along with practical examples all forms a part of the Engineering Career Group’s Reference books combo. Complete package includes a complete range of Engineering books especially written for aspirants seeking to compete in the Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering (GATE Various Streams). The sole aim of ECG Publications is to help the budding Engineers discover, reach and exceed their Intellectual Potential.

Contribution of the Study Material

Engineers Career Group considered the best GATE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh has launched an in-depth series to address the jitters candidates have before the exam. Numerous Career Opportunities after GATE exam await the candidates following their success. The books are written specifically keeping in mind the requirements of prospective candidates with varying educational backgrounds. The subject matter has been made as simplified as possible, to an extent that an individual with a basic understanding would not have to break his head over learning the otherwise complex jargon of the topics. Inclusion of the practical applications is the highlight of the GATE Study Material, that enables the student to comprehend the study material effectively.

Promising Opportunities in PSU’s

Engineers Career Group has been a frontrunner in delivering the best GATE coaching and study material contributes a great part of it. The institute provides coaching for not only Engineering Competitive Examinations such as GATE and IES but also for Recruitment to Public Sector Undertakings (PSU’s)examinations. The institute has been successfully delivering the most intended coaching for years successfully and has motivated a number of candidates to enter into path-breaking career in the nation’s leading PSU’s such as Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL),Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited(ONGC), State Bank of India(SBI),Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited(BPCL),and Coal India Limited to name a few. Institute has been extremely motivational in encouraging candidates not to give up and strived to push them to achieve heights they once were scared of. The institute has a great online presence also and has never compromised on any account as far as the integrity of the content goes. Considered as a complete GATE Test Series by one and all, it caters to adverse the needs of the prospective GATE candidates who are unable to visit the institute in person or need to hone their skills through extra practice.

Increased Competition necessitates a dire need for Structured Coaching

With the majority of the students vying for a limited number of spots of classroom coaching, wouldn’t it be nice if one could get access to the quality GATE study material from the comfort of your home? Irrespective of the Engineering Disciplines, such as Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil, Chemical and Instrumentation, the students can now have access to the elite GATE Study material prepared by the noteworthy scholars of the Engineers Career Group. Again all these books have been compiled taking into consideration the needs of the candidates and aimed at resolution of the majority of the concerns encountered during the examination. Engineers Career Group understands that the study is never complete without Practice and for this reason, the comprehensive book series includes the Practice questions, MCQ’s, Numerical Problems enable the students to strengthen the concepts learned previously. Previous Years GATE Question Papers along with solutions enable the students to rectify their weaknesses effectively. Written in a systematic, structured and precise manner, the books are a preferred choice by many students.The GATE study material forms an integral part of the examination and is a combination of reference books that exposes the candidate to the important topics that form the part of the examination. 

Engineers Career Group-A Premier Name in GATE coaching.
Engineers Career Group is an acclaimed name in the area of GATE coaching and other Engineering competitive examinations and having access to this resource can help you breeze through this examination with confidence. With hundreds of students nationwide appearing for the GATE examination every year, the content from the Engineers Career Group is among the popular GATE books for all disciplines of GATE examination. Engineers Career Group’s years of acumen and knowledge has led to this extensive resource which the students now can tap for their advantage. Content of these books is ingeniously written highlighting the important topics for each of the streams. Inclusion of previous years question papers, Examination Pattern and the Syllabus also form a large part of the book series. The candidate thus can target his preparation by focussing on only what is necessary for the exam rather than wasting time looking for resources for study. Institute’s study material is also among the preferred material for other Engineering competitive examinations or from the job perspective. Exhaustive content includes in-depth coverage of all the topics from the various sections prescribed in the syllabus.
Engineers Career Group has always felt proud of being the epitome of high-quality coaching for all the Engineering examinations. Our success stories are proof of the effort by our team members in delivering high standards to each of the enrolled students. These elaborative yet easy to understand books can be pivotal in your success as we believe quality education is the key ingredient for success in the examination and the GATE Study Material by the Engineers Career Group helps you achieve just that.

Candidates can follow the stepwise instructions to understand how to fill the GATE 2020 Application Form. Great care has to be applied in the completion as the slightest mistake can lead to the rejection of the candidature. With time-bound practice, comprehensive content coverage and numerous practice questions, our book is among recommended books for GATE mechanical engineering. We look forward to making GATE 2019 Mechanical Engineering the best book for gate preparation mechanical engineering.

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