GATE Online Test Series

GATE Online Test Series
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Engineers Career Group GATE Online Test Series seeks to target individuals who wish to evaluate their level of preparation, but are unable to visit the Institute. Institute’s unique online series lays the foundation of the most popular Engineering Examination. High standards are maintained while drafting the content of the Online Test Series and ensured that the students get the maximum benefit in his preparation. Highlights of this unique series are that it consists of an exhaustive Question bank, which has just the right questions as per the latest GATE exam pattern. Preparation of any examination is never complete if not followed by an ample amount of practice.GATE Online Test series not only seeks to provide the candidate with the correct evaluation of his current preparation but also the strategy one needs to follow to eliminate the weaknesses as the exam follows. Thus it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the online test series can act as a major foundation for the preparation of the popular examination through which the students can aim to seek admission to the country’s leading IIT’s or IISc for various post-graduate education programs (e.g. Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture, Doctor of Philosophy) . Successful candidates in the GATE examination are funded by the MHRD and other government agencies.
GATE Online Test Series encompasses all the important topics listed subject wise in addition to the many chapter wise and complete syllabus tests. The sole objective of this one of a kind Test Series is to help the candidates enhance their level of preparation from the basic level and learn all the necessary items to handle advanced and more complicated problems that form the part of the GATE Exam. Faculty while designing this exclusive test series have kept in mind all the important elements that students should know to attempt the examination. Also, the book is designed to address the needs of every candidate which is a beginner to the experienced.

Salient Features of the Online Test Series


One of the unique GATE online series is the simulated GATE exam interface which allows the candidate to become familiar with the actual examination. Thus the candidate now has an opportunity of taking the examination in an environment similar to the GATE exam. Whether it is the exam pattern or the syllabus, it is stringently followed in the test series. Going through these tests sincerely can enable the candidates to consolidate the concepts that prove helpful for the candidates when he actually appears for the exam. Thus, in other words, the GATE Online Test Series has exactly the similar answer sheet as a candidate would expect in the GATE paper. The correct answer can be provided in the box and each question comes with an inbuilt virtual calculator that the candidate can use for solving numerical problems. There is an accompanying question palette that highlights the answered or unanswered questions. In addition, it also highlights the questions which although the candidate had answered but has not carefully inspected. In fact, these are the questions he can come and review before final submission of the test. Most of the prospective candidates for the GATE Computer-based Test fumble owing to their inability to keep up with time during the actual examination. The GATE online Test series by the Engineers Career Group not only provides the necessary revision of the concepts but also provides them exposure to time-management skills which aids them to accomplish the GATE examination within the stipulated time with accuracy.


ECG’s GATE online test series is integral from the point of the management and faculty for it enables them to reach the students across PAN India. Candidates can now have access to the deemed study material online and attempt the online test along with proper assessment. The blank software for conduction test is included in the test and the Student can take the online GATE Exam via Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Through this Online Gate Test Series a panel is created, whereby the management had created the test series, a question bank, student’s details along with the exam analysis clearly marking the areas of improvement. Question Bank and Mock Tests have questions added with varying levels of difficulty like Easy, Medium and Difficult. Grading of these tests is done as per the format on the computer-based GATE Test.5 Extensive modules and more than 82 Mock Tests are sufficient to provide the students with an understanding of the concepts from fundamental to advanced level. We recommend the students to go through our online GATE Module and Mock Tests sincerely to ensure their success in one of the premier Engineering Exams of the country.


One of the distinguishing features of the Engineers Career Group’s GATE online series is the solutions accompanied the questions in a straightforward manner. All answers are accompanied by illustrations and diagrammatic representations. Appropriate references are included wherever necessary to provide the student with a detailed understanding of the concepts if intended. GATE Online Test Series also comes with important instructions of the use of the Virtual Calculator. Lack of familiarity with Virtual Calculator can impede one’s accuracy as well his time management skills. If you are not familiar with Virtual Calculator then it will hamper your accuracy and time management in GATE 2019. A great opportunity for the candidate to pull up his and become familiar with the Virtual Calculator through the step by step guide. The extra focus shall be given to the prime topics of each stream like Data Structures and Algorithms for Computer Engineering, Fluid Dynamics in Mechanical Engineering or Structural Engineering are explained with in-depth analysis of each and every concept. Whatever the selected stream in the Engineering is concerned,the test series is a complete manual for the serious aspirants who not only seek on evaluating the extent of their preparation but also eliminate their weak areas if found.


With more than 2500 questions covering all the topics of the GATE examination, the GATE online test series provides the candidate with the much-needed practice. The question bank has been designed by some of the most intellectual minds with years of experience and in accordance with the latest syllabus of the GATE Examination. Once the candidates are done with the study material, it is highly recommended that they should solve as many questions on the topic as possible for practice. Considering this incredible need the one of a kind GATE Online Test Series has been published. The question bank includes some of the previous year’s GATE papers with explanations, along with notes/tutorials which are more than sufficient to provide the student with the clarification of the concepts along with the confidence to attempt the question. Important questions are segregated topic-wise so as to make it easy for the student to attempt the questions after the preparation of the targeted topic.


Engineers Career Group’s GATE online Test series is so designed that the student doesn’t simply receive the solutions to the questions of the test or receive the score, but in fact gets a critical analysis or the review of the performance of the attempted exam. This is extremely critical for the student receives a microscopic view of how he conducted his exam. The Student Assessment Report includes the topic subject wise analysis along with the Detailed solutions for the GATE Exam. Engineers Career Group has always believed that the student should be provided with an analysis of the exam topic wise. The methodology helps the candidate to understand the topics he is weak in. Students can thus seek to improve those areas through appropriate mentorship. The report lists the candidates’ performance vis-a-vis the others who appear for the GATE examination. Also, the ranks are awarded that enable the candidates to have an idea of his likely position in the competitive examination. Every Question is tagged according to the level of difficulty Easy, Medium and Difficult. Candidates are encouraged to solve the questions in the allotted period of time. Many time-saving tips are included in the Online GATE Test Series that assist the students in saving a considerable amount of time.

Engineers Career Group is hands-down one of the best GATE online coaching Institute in Chandigarh. The Institute’s sole objective is aimed at delivering the highest quality of GATE coaching across the nation. The birth of the GATE online test series took place to ensure that the high standard of GATE coaching should be made accessible to everyone in the country. The series has been drafted under the mentorship of some of the best minds of the country, who had taken the GATE and some of the other National Engineering examination successfully. The very fact that the students can now access the best study material for GATE examination from the comforts of their home is the ‘Icing on the Cake’.Ambitious test series encourages and prompts promising Engineering students to constantly discover and exceed their intellectual potential. The Gate Online Test Series is perfect for the candidates who are appearing for the jobs in Public Sector Undertakings. The design and development of the test series have been solely in consideration by providing the most relevant and comprehensive preparation of the most popular Engineering exam of the country, GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

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