21 GATE Exam Tips and Tricks by Engineers Career Group

GATE 2018 Preparation tips and tricks
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How to Crack GATE Exam?? Well, this is the favourite question asked by the GATE aspirants when there are fewer days left for the exam. Though they have been doing the gate preparation, when it comes to the lesser the time left for the exam, more the lack of confidence a student gets.  IIT Madras is conducting the GATE 2019 in February. So, keeping this thing in mind, Engineers Career Group (GATE Coaching in Chandigarh) has come forward with some amazing gate exam tips and tricks.

We understand that the GATE Exam is the key to secure and long lasting job career. GATE Exam is not beneficial for M.tech Students but also a source to work with some of the big PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) with some great salary packages. This is because the average salary package in PSUs is 10lacs Per annum which is very beautiful for the candidates to achieve.

gate coaching in chandigarh by engineers career group

So guys Sit comfortably and feel relax.

GATE 2018 preparation tips and Tricks

21 GATE Preparation Tips and Tricks 

  1. One self’s aptitude, Attitude, Fundamentals, Concentration level, these are some of the main factors which affect the of GATE exam preparation.
  2. Though the average time is taken to prepare GATE exam is 6 months, but it varies from student to student and their level of understanding the subjects.
  3. Practising previous year questions is really a help to some extent for GATE exam preparation.
  4. Analyze your strong points and work with your weak ones.
  5. During GATE preparation, the core knowledge of the concepts is very important.
  6. Concentrate on those topics which can provide you more score than others. 
  7. Make your own list of topics which you believe are beneficial and high scoring.
  8. Practice and given time to those topics in which you are not that strong, but they are high scoring.  
  9. Make a schedule of your GATE preparation. Follow it honestly and focus on points like key definitions, equations, derivations, theorems, laws, etc
  10. Note down the time in which you are solving the question. Make its less as possible. This is because during GATE exam preparation time management has great significance.
  11.  Instead of mugging the topic, the student needs to have the core knowledge.
  12. If a problem is taking more than 8 step, re-look the approach.
  13. Students must have a balance between speed & accuracy and Practice is the only way.
  14. Give online demo test during GATE preparation.
  15. Try to practice shortcut methods to solve the problems because the problem wants to get solved whatever the method used to solve it.
  16. Reading books by different authors, but the same subject is great. Even just reading the question you can have the right answer in limited time.
  17. Make your own Notes and keep them for revisions.
  18. Having a positive attitude can help you gaining confidence. So be positive and focus on GATE preparation.
  19. Try to build your concepts by clearing your doubts during GATE preparation.
  20. Leave all the books a few days before the exam. Have some good time and relax.
  21. Last, but very important in GATE preparation and that is health. Be healthy near the exam days.

We hope that there amazing 21 Tips and Tricks are going to help you in GATE preparation and you guys are going to appear the GATE 2019 and crack the GATE exam with great enthusiasm. We wish you Luck.

gate coaching in chandigarh by engineers career group


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