Get Freedom from your Burden to Qualify ESE & GATE on this Independence Day

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On this Independence day take this pledge that instead of taking depression in order to prepare for exams like ESE and GATE you will opt for Smartness and Planning for preparation as they are the biggest terminologies that people actually lag in while preparing for an exam. So, show smartness and instead of preparing in last moment start a daily pack of preparedness and rest the plan is here, have a look.

  1. First, you have to analyse that what subjects are actually having good weight age again & again from last 5 years
  2. Second, you have to make a list of top 5-6 out of them which have the ability to make a good score for you.
  3. Go in-depth on every subject and identify important topics.
  4. Plan your next  3 Months now. Prepare each and every topic with logic and numerical during this time.
  5. After your preparation and concept clearing, Buy some Online test series from 2-3 Online Providers. Give 2 tests Every day of different providers.
  6. Now analyse the topics which you think you can do as they seem to be easy but you have skipped them. 
  7. Give time to those topics for next 1 Month.
  8. After 1 Month, start revising everything you studied, let it be any notes you have made or anything else. Revise in detail, take 10 days to revise.
  9. After revising, Start you online test again, give 3 test daily for next 15 days and try to improve your speed of solving now.
  10. Now you are prepared for your Exam. Congratulations


  1. NOTE – Along with studies take 6-7 Hours sleep every day.Don’t involve yourself in any quarrels, fights, or just don’t anger.Drink a lot of water as it will keep you calm and will keep your body metabolism right.

    Don’t talk too much to anybody and especially in the morning and before sleeping, as it can spoil your whole mind environment.

    Eat a healthy diet, list good music, watch a movie even once a week and avoid junk as it might get you sick.

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