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happy learning course
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Contribution of fundamentals forms the core of the mantra for success in the success of the Engineering course. Time and again, we continue to see students in various streams of the discipline faltering in their respective subjects. The continuous failure while pursuing a B Tech or a BE course can turn out to be extremely overwhelming for many a student. This dejection results in the accumulation of a number of backlogs as the course progresses. Owing to these outcomes, many students become unmotivated and plan to give up their goal of becoming an engineer in the midway or opt for a change of trade-in despair.

All these dilemmas that the candidate encounters can be related to the main cause of the lack of clarity of the concepts. In order to understand any process in the area of Engineering, it is extremely integral to strengthen the core principles. For instance, an Electronics Engineering student reading about a Transformer should understand that it is basically a static device, that converts electric power amongst circuits without the change of frequency. Besides he should understand the underlying working principle on which its operation is based which is the principle of mutual induction of two coils or Faraday Law’s Of Electromagnetic induction. Clarity on the concepts of the basics can not only make the students shed its apprehensions and doubts, but also enable him to pursue his course confidently and make prudent career choices in the coming future.

ECG’s Happy Learning course is aimed at strengthening the core basics of the engineering students be it from any discipline. Our eminent faculty has years of experience in the area and have helped myriad candidates tide over their moments of confusion and self-doubt. Institute comprises of a distinguished group of faculty members in all the disciplines namely IT, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil or Industrial to name a few. The faculty is aimed at building the student’s core concepts of various not only from the perspective of the pursued course curriculum, job-oriented examination or placement interviews the candidate is likely to appear for following the conclusion of his course work. The study material for the Happy Learning Course not only builds on the student’s understanding of the principles on the ground level but also encourages the students to solve complex problems. This methodology develops building interest in the subject originally rated as monotonous.

Engineers Career Group (ECG) is dedicated to providing its students with an unprecedented quality of education. The deemed course provides sufficient practice to its students through the questions drafted by its eminent faculty online. The candidates also have the advantage of having access to online lectures based on his convenience.Enrolled students have the option of downloading the study material for effective revision. The deemed faculty and the visionary management is every ready to address every query that the students have. is ever ready to serve the needs of each student. Furthermore, ECG has established itself as the best GATE coaching institute in Chandigarh. The Happy Learning Course serves as a launching pad for the enrolled student who targets success in the popular Engineering competitive examinations like GATE, IES, SSC, JE exams. with best ranks.

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