IT Firms are now Firing Employees. How Freshers can be secure ?

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Getting fired is not new to the IT people and other industries as well. But when people get fired in masses it’s actually a matter of confusion as well as discussion. First of all who are those companies which are firing their employees?

Are they small companies with very less turnover?

Are they start ups which are closing now?



The answer to all these questions is that these are neither the start-ups nor any small scale industries instead they are mNC’s like IBM,¬†Cognizant,¬†Wipro, Tech Mahindra etc. You can’t say that they do not have the capacity to pay the employees.

But now the next question is that how many employees are getting fired?

Well, the number revolves around 60,000 if counted as a whole. This is a huge number if you imagine that suddenly 60,000 people who have their household dependent on them are now jobless.

Now next question that arrives in the mind is Why are these people being fired from their jobs?

Have you ever seen your friends, colleagues or relatives who were not good in any skill but they got the job in an IT firm? Also, after their job they never developed any skill as well? They are the one who is and will be fired because they lag skill. the only reason they got the job was to do Cheap IT Labour for which any techie person or any person with skills will never get ready for. Now, when the requirement is no more for the IT Labour so they are getting fired.


How can I as a fresher secure myself from this?

As a fresher first of all if you have chosen any particular engineering field or so then focus on your stream and learn a skill set and start your journey towards that direction. when you will have a skill set and knowledge then you will not have to face such issues in life. Also, the next thing you can do is You can Apply for GATE exam and qualify yourself for further good and secure future as GATE gives you options for better Higher education and also you can go to PSU’s after clearing GATE exam. Nowadays other companies like BSNL, ONGC etc are also hiring on the basis of GATE exam only. So, GATE is a much better choice rather than going to an IT firm or so without any skill-set.

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