How to get PhD Admission through GATE Exam ?

PHD admission through gate
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Admission in PhD after GATE exam
Many a  prospective candidate keen to pursue PhD admission through GATE have to fulfil a list of criteria in order to fill the application form. Considered a pathway to admission to the doctorate programs of the nation’s elite colleges such as IIT’s, NIT’s or the IIT’s, GATE is considered one of the prestigious competitive examinations of the country. Students having an insatiable inclination and a drive towards research and chase intellectual and challenging dreams are ideally placed to pursue a PhD. However, there are others who target GATE exam with a sole purpose of seeking admission in some of the leading Public Sector Undertakings ( otherwise referred to as PSU’s) such as Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), National Fertilizers Limited (NFL), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL),NLC India Limited (NLC),  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) , THDC India Ltd.
Who Should seek PhD admission through GATE?
Before going into the details of the process of PhD admission through GATE, it is worthwhile to know which candidates are most likely to pursue a PhD program successfully. Already an established fact that PhD is a research-driven process that requires time and resources and an ideal candidate is basically a one who has a high degree of patience and endurance. Associated tasks include collection, tabulation and organization of the data often in the form of a Thesis followed by a presentation in front of a panel of Experts. The course of PhD also leads the candidate to present a number of research papers in their respective Journals related to their domain of expertise. An ideal candidate fit for a PhD program is the one who is keen to explore the unknown entities and challenge the already drawn assumptions. It can be easily drawn from the above facts that PhD is definitely not an academic course for someone who strives to take it easy. Most of the successful individuals who pursue a PhD are clear about their goals. Following the PhD, the candidates are open to pursuing a path in Research or a fulfilling Academic Career. Majority of the remunerations and the top positions in any deemed institution require a mandatory PhD degree from a recognized institution. Therefore it gives the candidate another reason to seek PhD admission through GATE. The blog highlights some of the major expectations of a candidate looking forward to pursuing a PhD degree.
  • Research Oriented : The major highlight of a PhD degree is that the interests are vested solely towards research. This can be easily pointed out as one of the distinctive features seen in PhD candidates. Head over Heels about inventing a method or modification of a method to improve efficiency PhD admission through GATE provides them with the necessary tools to turn it into a reality.
  • Challenging Projects : Most of the individuals seeking Admission in PhD after GATE exam are inclined towards challenging the status quo. Driven to investigate the deepest core of the problem, these candidates continue to refute the already establishes rules and regulations. Needless to say, these PhD’s are some of the great minds behind revolutionary discoveries. PhD is, in fact, an ideal platform to invent things that the candidate once envisioned.
  • PhD Admission through GATE should be your own choice : Seek PhD Admission through GATE only if it is your calling rather than putting yourself in a burnout situation. There are many candidates who simply take admission in the PhD seeing their peers and lack of clarity, but leave it in the middle owing to the rigorous and overwhelming schedule. Aiming for a PhD simply because it seems an attractive option is not the criteria, but aim for only if you project yourself as an upcoming Professor heading a department or as a research scholar of an institution.

Whether you a Fresh Graduate or a candidate thinking about PhD after work experience, all these factors must be kept in mind before making a decision to move on for a  PhD.

  • Eligibility Criteria for Candidates seeking PhD admission through GATE : How does a PhD admission through GATE increase a candidate’s career Prospects? As mentioned earlier good GATE scores enable the research-driven or a would-be Professor to turn their dream into reality. It is not a hidden fact anymore that most of the leading institutes of the country like the likes of IIT’s, IISc’s and the l NIT’s accept GATE scores as one of the criteria of admission to their PhD program. The criteria of admission vary with the institute. In order to qualify for PhD admission through GATE, there are some criteria which the candidate has to mandatory satisfy.
a) GATE Scores should hold validity till the completion of admission formalities. (The GATE score is valid for 3 years from the date of announcement of the GATE results).
b) CGPA of the candidate should be greater than 6.5 on a 10 point scale
The most important column in your application form will be your research area. In which you will have to fill your research interest. Every question in the interview will be asked related to your research area. So you will have to frame the answer in his own way.
Process of PhD admission through GATE : Process of PhD admission through GATE involves a series of steps such as satisfying Eligibility criteria of age, educational qualification, minimum percentages and so forth. Following the completion of the Bachelor’s degree in the field of choice, the candidate is required to appear for a National Level Competitive Exam (GATE, JAM, CSIR etc),. The candidates should have a 75% marks in bachelors or a CGPA of 7.5 or above.
Direct PhD Admission through GATE is solely determined by the candidate’s score in the written tests and Interview. However, in case the candidate has a Bachelor’s degree from a Centrally Funded Technical Institute(CFTI ), then the GATE exam is not mandatory.
Admission through GATE, without doubt, is highly competitive and tests the candidate’s mettle on the Theoretical and Practical skills learnt in the undergraduate degree. Explore some of the eligibility the candidate should fulfil before PhD admission through GATE.
a) Valid GATE Score: The acceptable GATE scores vary with each institution. Before applying for admission to the colleges it is important to check the basic requirements. Candidates should ensure that the guidelines are met lest they should lead to the disqualification of the candidate.
b) Eligibility: Each College or Institutions eligibility structure most often can be found on their respective websites. Some of the admission criteria are Age, Qualifications, Graduation Percentage etc. Besides satisfying these, the candidate might have to satisfy a couple of other requirements.
i)Focus of Research
Candidates before PhD admission through GATE have to mention on the application form, the area of interest. One of the critical area on which the selection is based the area of Research becomes a major factor in the admission of the chosen institute. Most of the times the questions asked are actually based on the filled area of interest on the application form.
ii)Written Test: 
There are institutions conducting their own tests which determine the strengths of the candidates. PhD admission through GATE by the candidate is considered temporary unless he clears the mandatory written test of the institute. test.
iii)Personal Interview: 
The concluding step of admission through GATE is the interview. The interview is considered to be the acid test for a prospective candidate for PhD admission through GATE. Interview is the candidate’s evaluation of his subject prowess , Research Acumen and Personality traits based on which the candidate is granted admission to the PhD program.
Every year Lakhs of candidates appear to seek PhD admission through GATE, but only a few are lucky enough to reach the elite Institutes. The selection of these candidates is a result of their determination and Focus in reaching their respective goals. However, there are a majority of candidates who lack direction in seeking the appropriate resources in order to clear the stringent GATE examination. Guidance of an able mentor having experience in GATE coaching is what the candidate requires. Engineers Career Group, one of the best GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh is the pioneer in the domain. Institute’s boats of an eminent faculty backed by years of experience in teaching and are well aware of the current pattern of the examination. Whether it is the study material, test series(Online and Offline) or the Reference books, these provide the candidate with the most comprehensive and updated knowledge of the subject. Online series or Live Lectures provide the candidates with flexibility. Thus, it is not surprising that the institute is ranked amongst the best in the City. Outstanding results year after year are proof of its commitment towards providing a holistic student-centric GATE coaching.

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