How to Prepare for BSNL – JTO Exam 2016?

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Well, as the notification have come that BSNL is going to take an online test for the JTO vacancies, everyone has started preparing for the exam but no one could be sure that their preparations going in the right direction?

But we will try to understand here about the need of the examination and what needs to be done to crack it.

First of all, forget all those institutions that have started special batches for BSNL- JTO coaching as they are just making a fool of you to earn profits. Instead, if you want to go for any institute or coaching centre to prepare then go for the one who are teaching for IES & GATE as BSNL – JTO is just a part of all the preparations made under IES & GATE coaching.


So here we have a bit demo that how you can arrange yourself and your studies to prepare for BSNL-JTO exam 2016.

Start from your strong topics as you need motivation in the beginning. So cover your strong subjects first then gradually move to the other subjects. Solve questions regularly. Be careful while choosing the study material for the, do not be misguided for best books of the BSNL – JTO, your textbooks of college are more than enough for the preparation and also no single book is sufficient for a subject. However if you still want to go for reference to some good books then here is the link. You can also download study material for free from the internet if you want as it is available nowadays.

Set your priorities as follows:

  • Arrange the subjects as per their difficulty. Study your strong subjects first and weak subjects in between or after because this will motivate you.
  • Set your daily and weekly goals. Strictly follow them.
  • Analyse the last 5-year question papers as this will give you an idea of what kind of questions come and what is the level of exam.(However the level of exam is of GATE so people preparing for GATE will not face many difficulties.)
  • List the important formulas, definitions, questions to revise at last time.
  • After completing the syllabus, revise your notes every day and practice as many questions as you can.
  • Follow the logics in multiple choice questions like eliminating the odd ones, simple substitution for all these things you need practise and command over the terms and definitions.
  • As the Exam is going to be Online this time for 2016 so go for some Online Test Series for better preparation and learn how to manage with questions and time together.

Now, this is very important that either you should make your own rules and follow them or if you think you cannot do this alone then you should refer some good institute or coaching centres to guide you properly. But before choosing any make your mind that self-study is needed for sure even with the coaching. If you need any other help in the guidance you can give us a call on our TOLL-FREE NUMBER – 1800 270 4242.


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