How to Prepare for Gate 2017?

How to Prepare for GATE 2017
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GATE – 2017 exam’s preparation has been started by most of the students to secure good marks. But have you started in the correct manner? Well, nobody knows. So, here we are to guide you about the subject and tell you some tips about how to prepare for the gate exam 2017.

Start from your strong topics as you need motivation in the beginning. So cover your strong subjects first then gradually move to the other subjects. Solve questions regularly. Be careful while choosing the study material for the Gate, do not be misguided for best books of the gate, your textbooks of college are more than enough for the preparation and also no single book is sufficient for a subject. However if you still want to go for reference to some good books then here is the link. You can also download study material for free from the internet if you want as it is available nowadays.

How to Prepare for GATE 2017

Set your priorities as follows:

  • In the beginning, select your weak and strong topics.
  • In General, Aptitude, solve all the topics typical examples from R.S.Agarwal – 10 days Engineering Mathematics – dedicate 15 days for this and you will comfortably finish all the topics.
  • Your stream – prepare the analysis of last 5 year papers and prioritise the subjects on the percentage of marks and give the same percentage of days for each subject.
  • Finally, the most important last 15 days only revise all the subjects in reverse order (3, 2, and 1).
  • While preparing, list the important expressions, formulae and definitions sometimes there will be straight questions on these terms and definitions.
  • Follow the logics in multiple choice questions like eliminating the odd ones, simple substitution for all these things you need practise and command over the terms and definitions.
  • Try some Online Test Exams or Mock Examinations to test your knowledge.


If you want us to go in even more detail, then here is an idea of how to plan for the preparation of GATE Exam 2017.

  1. For a start, classify the subjects inside:
    1. Analytical together with tough,
    2. Analytical together with easy,
  • Descriptive together with tough, and
  1. Descriptive together with easy.
  1. Try to arrange Analytical subject pursued by descriptive subject. Additionally, think of producing notes, marking/highlighting delivering portion of studying material.
  2. Never mix-up Analytical subject together with the descriptive subject (you cannot learn unless your mind is concentrated). You can mix-up (or bring in between) convenient subjects when you will be tired with a hard-core subject.
  3. Every 1 hour, you keep adjusting the subject as per the second together with the third point above (when you are reading something dull, difficult or boring.).
  4. When you begin the next subject, relax for simply five minutes (Which might enhance your recognising capacity).
  5. Try to remain confident of the standard concepts.
  6. Have six years question papers, and get a mock examination (at the weekend).
  7. Then compare one’s answers with the right choice (and keep observing the improvements or shortfalls).
  8. You shouldn’t get distracted despite several diversions.
  9. You must always keep “some interesting things” to swap your mood and calm down head. You can use a break time to look at songs and info on TV (to break the monotony).
  10. You can take aid from light melodious vocals.
  11. Do not spend your time in unnecessary dialogue, criticising someone.
  12. Consult with the knowledgeable people.
  13. Keep a journal / tabs on your studying routines.
  14. Accept the outages (if any), for they will become stepping gemstone for success.


Now, this is very important that either you should make your own rules and follow them or if you think you cannot do this alone then you should refer some good institute or coaching centres to guide you properly. But before choosing any make your mind that self-study is needed for sure even with the coaching. If you need any other help in the guidance you can visit our courses page on our site.



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