How to Prepare for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

gate 2020 mechanical preparation
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How to Prepare for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Approach to the Preparation for GATE 2020 (ME)

Are you a prospective aspirant confused about the path to be untaken for the challenging GATE exam 2020? Most of the students are indecisive over whether to self-study or seek guidance from the best GATE coaching institutes. These students are overwhelmed by apprehensions and queries about the exam, that it almost seems like a formidable target to be achieved. This comprehensive blog is aimed at the aspirants preparing for GATE 2020 Mechanical stream, although the basic principles apply to all the disciplines. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in the way how a student should approach the GATE exam preparation to achieve a high score and his desired institution. ECG, one of the best GATE coaching institutes of Chandigarh has directed many a candidate over an illustrious decade of service, enabling countless students to fulfil their desires of seeking admission in deemed institutions such as IISc Bangalore, IIT’s, IIIT and NIT. Equipped with state of the art facilities and steered by experienced faculty, the institute has guided its candidates to excel in the examination and achieve a great score. The teaching methodology followed at the institute involves not only covering the details of all the important facets of the exam but also effective time management skills that can enable an individual to address numerous time-consuming questions which need to be answered expeditiously.

Common Apprehensions for an effective GATE Exam Preparation

  1. Indecisive about the strategy to adopt for exam preparation.
  2. Unsure of what kind of material is to be read.
  3. Procurement of the best study material.
  4. Inability to device a stringent timeline.
  5. Making productive and effective notes.
  6. College and Job schedules
  7. Insufficient information on resources for information.
  8. The correct method of preparation such as Study, practice, Time Management.
  9. Sources to tap in case of Doubts.
  10. Who to look up for when things are not working in one’s favour?

These are the ten questions that form an integral part of a beginners GATE aspirant queries. Besides the above apprehensions, most of the students preparing for the very first time would be keen to have an understanding if it is desired to achieve the desired score in the GATE exam in the first attempt. Or more so often self-doubting students have a common question if any candidate with mediocre credentials is ever able to clear the examination and if so how many months are needed to prepare for the examination in an adequate manner. From our experience of delivering the best GATE coaching in Chandigarh consecutively over the years, we have felt that it takes only 10 months for the candidates to be prepared for the GATE exam. All he needs to do is follow our faculty guidelines, adopt a dedicated study regime, appears for the tests with honesty and above all participate in doubt clearing sessions in order to hone his weak areas.

Preparation Strategy for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Main question is, How to Prepare for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME) ? Whether the candidate is taking help of a GATE coaching institute or relying on his core strengths, he needs a step by step guide for effective preparation. Irrespective of the mode of preparation adopted, there are essentially 10 steps that the candidate should adhere to in order to reap great results.

Preparation Strategy for GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

STEP 1: Understanding the Syllabus

The syllabus in the GATE examination is colossal as it is cumulative of four years of syllabus asked in the examination. Thus before devising a preparation strategy, it is recommended to understand the syllabus. The student should ensure to go through the details of each topic given in the syllabus along with any accompanying illustrations, derivations or the relatable formulae. One dilemma that most of the beginners face is the inability to have an idea of the extent to which the subject should be prepared. The syllabus lists only the basic topics and doesn’t provide the student with the ideas to what extent he needs to prepare the sub-topics. Here is where the GATE coaching institutes come to one’s rescue. The institutes have updated notes on each topic as per the examination’s pattern and requirement and the student has just to refer to them with diligence and integrity. It saves the candidate tremendous time, for now, he doesn’t have to browse various resources to make the targeted notes. The candidates who are involved in the self-study have to rely on sources like GATE (Previous year GATE questions) or seek notes from friends.

STEP 2: Seeking the Appropriate Study Material

In an important examination like GATE where there is an unending syllabus, it becomes highly important for a person to understand what is to be read. In the event, if one has more time in hand it is a great strategy to refer to standard books. Reading standard books on each subject is a time-consuming process with it taking about 2 months to finish one subject. Since all the disciplines have 4 or 5 core subjects in each discipline, the approach is not recommended for those who seek to prepare it under a year. It is thus important to segregate only the points that are important from the GATE examination perspective and more time can be spent on solving numerical problems. The advantages of enrolling in Engineers Career Group, one of the best GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh are manifold some of which is access to the best study material, Guidance from experienced faculty members most of which have the first-hand experience with the exam and lastly tips to score high in the exam. ECG has targeted notes prepared by adept faculty. The course is designed in such a way that the student is focussed on learning in the classroom and at home can read the concepts learnt for effective practice.

Other advantages of being a part of these coaching institutes are access to 1000+ quality questions, doubt solving support and revision course. Students may be provided with soft or hard copies of the notes depending on each institute. One of the biggest advantages of being a part of a coaching institute is that one gets frequent updates on the details of the exam.

STEP 3: Self-Study Vs Classroom Coaching

Most of the aspirants aiming for the GATE examination rely on their core strengths for the preparation of the examination. On the other hands, there are others who strongly believe that structured coaching is essential to succeed in any competitive examination like GATE 2020. There is no way that we can rate one above the other. Some of the factors that decide your choice in the selection of the choice are a time in hand or if one has financial constraints. Before beginning a conversation on what is the ideal strategy for preparation, it is important to understand what each approach means. While the self-study mainly refers to referring to standard books, classroom coaching is attending the classes by visiting the coaching centre. Self Study is ideal for students who have an ample amount of time at hand, and on the other hand, the classroom coaching needs to deliver results in a specified period of time. Most of the classroom coaching conduct motivational exercises from time to time to keep your spirits high, while the students who undergo self-study have to rely on self-motivation skills.

STEP 4: Preparation Deadline

The candidates should aim to prepare for the exam in such a way that he should accomplish completing the entire syllabus with at least 2-3 months before GATE 2020 examination. The remaining time can be devoted to effective revision and Test Series. Candidate should initiate the preparation with the subject he is most comfortable with or the one that is the highest scoring. For instance, the GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering paper consists of the following sections:

• Strength of Materials
• Theory of Machines
• Fluid Mechanics
• Engineering Thermodynamics
• Engineering Thermodynamics Applications
• Manufacturing and Production
• Industrial Engineering
• Heat Transfer
• Machine Design
• Engineering Mechanics

The order of preparation of each of the above may differ depending on how comfortable one is with respect to each topic. As a general rule of thumb, one should prepare the topics which the candidate has a clear understanding and in the last cover the topics that are time-consuming.

STEP 5: Making notes alongside

As one of the leading GATE coachings institutes in Chandigarh and being in business for more than 10 years, we have realized that making detailed notes are in fact not required for GATE preparation. The candidates should spend more time in understanding the underlying concepts and practice solving more numerical problems related to the concepts. The student should make 2 types of notes:

a) Short Notes: Short notes may include basic formulas and some of the important concepts that briefly cover the entire GATE syllabus. It is important that the student should aim to write as concisely as possible to get a better understanding of the concepts. Diagramatic representation, Flowcharts or use of codes should be effectively used so as to enable a person to revise the concept within a couple of hours.

b) Numericals learning notes: Ensure to note down the way you solved an intricate problem. One can always turn over to the notes for reference in the event he encounters a similar problem. Besides, continue to note anything important one finds in the question. One should keep referring to the notes in order to enhance the numerical solving capability which is very important for GATE examination.

STEP 6: GATE Preparation with College

Preparing for GATE along with full-time college can be extremely daunting. Some of the success stories in the past have not only received a great AIR but also done exceptionally well in their academic career. Many candidates have attributed a disciplined approach accompanied by the determination in order to attain success while being active in a professional institution. It is important to divide your time into completing college assignments and GATE preparation. This may sound strange, but the candidates who have done great in the GATE examination had made it their priority over the academics. Many students managed only the minimum attendance that was required and spent their effort to prepare the GATE examination. The free time available was spent browsing on books related to GATE examination or discussion on important concepts frequently asked in the previous examination. Since GATE is an essence of the majority of the subjects in the BTech examination, strengthening one’s core skills can make the candidate do well in their studies too. Stringently sticking to a time-table that focusses on GATE examination and academics can enable the individual to manage both.

STEP 7: GATE Preparation with Job

GATE preparation works in the same way as one would probably do if he is enrolled in an institution. Association with an institute is a full-time commitment and the candidate is obligated to carry out certain responsibilities. While there is stress at the organization along with meetings, deadlines and preparation of the next day’s agenda, does one have the strength to prepare for an onerous examination like GATE? The answer to this question is yes if the candidate adopts a disciplined approach of spending the time at his job, followed by spending a couple of hours every day towards the preparation of the GATE exam. Most of the GATE coaching institutes such as Engineers Career Group have weekend classes which the candidate can enrol to get his concepts clear and build on the core strengths required for the exam. One can aim to achieve success in any exam provided his goals are clear.

STEP 8: Adequate Problem Solving

Simply going through the study material is not enough unless practices solving questions on related principles. Most of the GATE institutions have their popular test series which the students can either have access to through full-time enrolment in their classroom coaching or as a separate entity. The Test series is important for providing the candidate with ample practice which is needed to attempt an exam like GATE. Most of the institutes having test series also provide the students with an AIR, which helps the student determine where he stands vis-a-vis similar candidates enrolled in the course all over India who are taking the test. Ideally, the students should go through the study material and follow it by solving as many problems as possible. The students attempting for the test series should aim to gradually improve on their performance in the exam. Understanding your weak areas and building on them can help you score high in the GATE exam 2020.

STEP 9: DOUBT Clearance

Whether one chooses to join a coaching institute or rely on self-study, the ultimate efforts are nullified if the candidate is not able to have his doubts cleared. While the students relying on self-study may lean on to either faculty or friends for guidance, the students enrolled in some of the best GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh have stressed on the importance of a mentor for effective doubt clearing. Doubts are bound to arise and if the candidate has easy access to the resolution of doubt with adequate explanation half of the battle is won. At Engineers Career Group, Candidate can ask their questions through a forum, chat or sending an email to the faculty. The best part of the institute is that the response time is very less which enables the student to move on to the next topic quickly.

STEP 10: Revision

Practising, again and again, is the key to success in any examination. Given the syllabus of the GATE examination is vast, revising the topics helps one memorize the topics permanently. Ensure to follow some of the simple strategies for revision. Avoid reading on any literature that is intricate. There are many books on GATE Mechanical Engineering which have a concise explanation of concepts. Secondly, it is a wise strategy to make effective short notes which can be referred to every day for 1-2 hours. Ensure to revise a subject in such a way in order to complete within 2-3 days. Ensure to solve as many numerical after completion of each topic.

Analyzing your progress over time

These 10 strategies are bound to give you great results, however, one should be prudent to analyze his GATE examination preparation over a period of time. What is important for a candidate to understand are his weaknesses and the strategies he can use to improve before it becomes too late. And this is the reason why the test series are an integral part of any curriculum, for it provides the candidate with an idea of his current level of performance in the exam in comparison with others. The candidates can look to improve on the following things gradually over a period of time.
1. Repeated similar mistakes
2. Types of Mistakes.
3. Weak Theory subjects
4. Weak Numerical Areas
5. High Scoring Strategies

With the passage of time, one should seek to improve his performance and by the time the examination draws near one should go over the concise notes for effective revision. Each candidate has its individual approach to preparation, however, it is best to experiment with other ways which can eventually turn out more productive. Ideally building on the core concepts followed by adequate practice is the key Mantra for a HIGH SCORE in the GATE Exam 2020 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

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