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This is the perfect time for 80% (Gate qualified) of engineers to get depressed or frustrated for not getting any college via Gate low score. Feeling defeated when people ask “What are you doing presently”. Replies are like “I have qualified Gate” then they expect IIT or NIT from every gate qualified student. Ranking goes up-to 18000 but only 3000 students are able to secure a seat in NIT. What about rest of the rankers? This means that only 16% students can secure a tag of NITs or IITs. Few more, hardly up-to 40% can secure seat in any prestigious college. These cause 15000 candidates to get tensed about their admissions. 7 years ago, only 40000 students used to appear for entrance out of which very few were selected about 5000. In those days one can easily crack GATE.

Society is usually unaware of GATE examination, if anyhow someone knows, then he is unaware of increase competition and statistics of candidates being appeared and qualifying examination. With increase in number of colleges providing M Tech in India, the Gate qualified candidates are increasing as well. But the value of marks being obtained is decreasing day by day. The regular passion and craze of different people, few to prove themselves, few to go for PHD, few to get PSU’s next year etc. is quite tremendous which imparts neck to neck competition within candidates. I am afraid, within next few years the college may demand company experience to go for M Tech through MHRD scholarship. As of now such competition and GATE qualified student number is the major issue. If there is less number of colleges to provide admission, then why is MHRD approving 18000 ranks as gate qualified? Few go for job; few in defense services; few go for year drop and few in teaching line but what about those who are willing to go for M Tech?

Society is unaware about the magic of GATE. Friends often ask questions like “Where did you get admission” and console whenever the answer is no-where. Due to these reasons, Candidates at this point of time do not want to talk to their college buddies, friends or any relative. They feel tensed, stressed and upset. Their behavior changes towards society. They start bearing family taunts and ignoring their friends. Whenever a candidate is going through this situation he usually diverts his mind by chatting (with mobiles at silent), phone calls, facebook, hobbies and all that he can do alone. This is the genuine psychology of 70% Gate qualified students. But we need to ignore unaware society, overcome these situations and have patience so as to plan our better future. GOOD LUCK!!

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