Last Minute Strategy For GATE 2018 Exam

Last Minute Strategy For GATE 2018 Exam | GATE Exam Tips
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Last Minute Strategy For GATE 2018 Exam | GATE Exam Tips

As you all know that GATE 2018 is near and everyone who prepared for this moment so long must be excited to give the examination but along with excitement many of you must be worried regarding their preparation for the GATE exam and for all those we have made this special post to help you in doing your last moment preparation.

Believe in yourself:

Whatever you have studied is enough and all questions will be from your preparation only. Losing confidence at this crucial time can result in underperformance and the things which you know, you will forget them if you lost faith in yourself

Don’t Rush:

Take proper time to solve each & every question because each correct answer will give you positive marks. Focus first on the questions you know rather than just solving all the questions as this might result in negative marks if you do all and majority are wrong. So, do only those first that you know so you can score well. Gate is not about doing it all its about doing it right.

Be patient:

Don’t panic if one or two questions will take more time while solving. This is very common as some questions are put so as to boggle your mind and waste your time so you get panic and do some mistake. But don’t worry if some are tough then some will be a bit easy too just focus and solve if you know and if you don’t then leave them and move to next.
Last Minute Strategy For GATE 2018 Exam | GATE Exam Tips

Time Management:

Bring your watch along with you during final exam and make sure you will complete your exam under 3 rounds as: 1st Round- 1:30 mins
2nd Round- 1hr
3rd Round- 30mins

Unattempted questions:

While solving question paper mark for review unattempted question and note down their serial numbers on your notepad as well for further ease of process. Focus on these questions at the end of the exam as then you will be done with what you know and now you can spare time for these that you can.

Segregation of Unattempted questions:

Divide unattempted question into two categories as assuring or not assure. Pick assure questions during 2nd round and not assure questions in the 3rd round. This will make your management easy and you will not burst with the stress of not attempting enough questions if you follow this.

Spare last 5 minutes:

In the last minutes cross check and make sure you had marked all the correct options or answers. Sometimes as seen before many students just miss an important question that they know and sometimes even they make wrong answers in hurry so keep this time to avoid such mistakes.

Late night study:

Avoid late night study just before an exam day. It will increase your stress and disturb you the whole night. Improper sleep will affect your concentration while solving question paper. Make sure that you take proper sleep and diet before at least last 3 days of exam.

Last minute revision:

Follow your short notes for quick revision and don’t bring bundles of notes along with you. Just keep in mind that this is not your degree exam where you can study at last minute, here instead keep only the relevant stuff that you can efficiently read and which can help you like keeping formulas or principles or fundamentals rather than the whole copy or book.

Be on time:

Mark your presence 30mins before your exam schedule time. It will give enough time to settle yourself in the surroundings.
All the best for your exam and try to give your 100% without focusing on results. It is just an exam to judge your knowledge.
And yeah do let us know how was your exam.
Er. GDS Soni

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