Mistakes done while preparing for GATE exam !!!

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Many students prepare very well for the GATE exam but they do not tend to get a good score in the exam which is the ultimate aim of each and every student. After closely analysing the situation we have found the 4 major mistakes which these students do while preparing for the examination due to which there score went into oblivion.

So, without wasting time we will now head towards those 4 mistakes so that you don’t do the same silly mistakes:

1- Just  don’t read and prepare from any un-authentic writer’s book. Please refer to good and authenticated book as the knowledge you will get from the book is going to make you solve the questions in the GATe examination.

2- Do not go to a place for teaching who have less experience in coaching GATE examination or who themselves have not cracked GATE with good rank. Please do not choose a wrong Coach in order to save some money, as you can earn it back but 1 year lost will never be back. Instead, go to a Coaching where you have Specialized & experienced teachers for the GATE preparation.

3- Do not go for any free question papers or study material on any kind of free test series for the preparation of GATE exam. There is a lot of free stuff available in the market to influence you but you have to decide that there is no free lunch anywhere in this world, which means everyone has a motive behind everything so it is for sure that these free stuff people cannot provide you with the quality you need for a good preparation. So, buy genuine and multiple Study Material and Test Series in order to play safe and score well.

4- Do not avoid revising the topics you know the best. mostly people avoid those topics which they know well or which are easy for them due to which they actually start lagging in them and when they come in examination then they are not able to perform well. Also, always first do the whole marks distribution analysis so as to decide which topic should be given how much time.


We hope that now you will play safe and avoid these mistakes t score well. So, best of Luck with Your Preparation.

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