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A frequently asked question about the Master of Science(MS) by research program at IITs and NITs. Is it different from the MTech degree and  why one would want to do an MS instead of an MTech.

M.Tech is a 2 year program But You cant be sure of the duration of the MS, it may take 3-4 years.

MTech by definition is a course program, where the emphasis is on advanced coursework spanning various areas. Whereas MS is a research program, where the emphasis is on doing ORIGINAL work in one particular area

The basic difference between Master of Science (MS) and Masters of Technology (M.Tech) in  is generally in regard to the study orientation, pattern and approach. An MTech program is largely course-based. The students take a prescribed set of core and elective courses (about 10-12 in number). M.Tech student have two semesters or three semester of course work and in Fourth semester they work on a project, seminar and dissertation. Whereas in MS program  the course requirements are lot smaller (5 courses, as opposed to 12 for an MTech). There is more freedom in the timing and choice of courses. An MS student will complete all courses in First two semesters and They will do project, seminar and dissertation in next four semesters.

In short M.Tech : course work (1.5 years)+ thesis/Project work (0.5 years)
MS : Course work (1 Yr)+thesis/Project work(2 yr)

Regarding placements all the students are eligible for participating in campus recruitments. Its up to them that how much opportunity they grasp. Companies will give same opportunity to MS and M.Tech Students.

MS students are in very high demand by the Research Labs/Institutes.

If you are eventually inclined towards working for a Ph.D, of course, the M.S is an ideal platform. What we wish to point out is that the MS is a better program even if you are interested in an industrial career.

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