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Well, a lot of people are there who do not study during their but till the end of 3rd year and starting of 4th year they realise that everyone , even their best friends are now running behind good jobs and they are left alone.

Now, what to do as you have not studied so far but by looking this run behind good future you have that feeling to have a good job and secure future.

Well, you have a way out, especially for engineers, GATE is some kind of Magic happened in an engineers life. Here we will show you how GATE exam is the easiest amongst all exams you can give.

Tricks to prepare for GATE in 90 DAYS


If we talk about the most prominent exams of India in which engineers appear, these names will come in our mind:

1- BANK Exams

2- SSC Exam

3- IAS Exam

4- GATE Exam


Out of these GATE has the least number of candidates appearing in a particular branch. We hope that you know that in GATE exam you only compete with the people of Your Branch. For example, an ECE student has to compete with ECE engineers and his result will be given in comparison to them, not the overall appeared candidates and similar goes for other branches as well.

 [visualizer id=”1073″] 

This chart will provide you with an idea about the competition in every exam. This will tell you that in GATE exam you actually have better chances of performing well. All you need to do is just focus on studies for 90 days and prepare GATE exam. This will help you in securing a good job and will let you stand high with your friends and relatives.


  1. You can Study further in a very good College like IIT.
  2. You can get Grants from the Government while you are doing your Masters Degree.
  3. You can go into Research & development Sector which is in very high demand in coming Years.
  4. You can get a good Jobs in a PSU like ONGC, GAIL, HAL, BHEL, BEL etc.
  5. You can also get a job in private firms with a good package like L&T, Tata Power etc.
  6. Gate gives you preference wherever you go and apply.
Study material for preparing GATE Exam

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