Online Open Course Ware (OOCW)

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The internet boom has metamorphosed our life. We are getting everything from books to furniture on e -stores. So is education sector also. Knowledge creation and distribution  has always been regarded as the noble profession. We all respect those who are in this profession. They are not only imparting their knowledge to their students but have uploaded their lectures on the internet which can be accessed by anyone for learning.
Formally, this kind of video lectures available online are called Online Open Course Ware (OOCW). Number of renowned Universities like Stanford, Princeton, IITs have provided access to their video lectures free of any term. There are also private players  like Coursera, Open learning etc have joined hands with Universities to spread the knowledge all over the world.
The special course designed for larger audience is delivered in innovative way like in Coursera. In Coursera upcoming course lecture is announced about 8-7 weeks before the commencement of the course. The duration of the course ranges from  5 weeks to 12 weeks.  Video lectures are uploaded each week as far the scheduled. Assignments and quizzes are also uploaded for the evaluation. If anybody does very good in evaluation then they also get certificate of accomplishment.
Benefit of enrolling for online course is that you get access to many universities at the same time and also you can discuss anything with other participants around the world.  Any doubt is clarified by many people. Its means you get bigger platform to discuss the your doubts. In my biggest advantage of OOCW is that you can enroll for  course if same is not being offered in your own Institute and you think the course is very important for your research activity or for any other aspiration. You can see the video lectures whenever you wish. Timely solving of the assignment problem will help to evaluate yourself.
I would like to caution anybody who is willing to enroll for the online course is that abstain from registering for all the  courses that you are interested  as  you will not be able to  accommodate those with  your existing commitments.
Finally please find some OOCW lniks
Video lectures are also available in you tube but are not in proper sequence.

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