PSU Interviews Experience by ECG Student ” Aashish Aggarwal “(AIR 16 in Mechanical Engineering, 2017 GATE exam) –

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Why Choose Career in Core Field after Engineering _1 (3)Qualifying GATE is not the only thing to get jobs in PSUs. This is because there are some interviews conducted by PSUs to filter the perfect candidate for the job and the one who clears all those hurdles gets the job. But the question is, is it that much easy to clear PSU Interview? Well! This can be explained by the one who has faced the interviews. Aashish Aggarwal, Student of Engineers Career Group and AIR 16 in Mechanical Engineering, shares his experience by saying that the PSUs interview “the tricky ones”.  He says that it is common for oneself to get hesitated while giving interviews but one should keep calm and listens to questions carefully, can make the interview cleared. There were many things he shared with us. So keep reading this to know how to handle the questions, you feel low at while giving PSU interviews.

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Aashish said that you should know your weak points and should start working on it as soon as possible. Make a plan and just stick to the plan and do not go out of track.

ECG: Tell us something about your engineering background?

Aashish Aggarwal: My name is Aashish Aggarwal, a Mechanical student at NIT Kurukshetra. Because of great guidance and perfect coaching methods of Engineers Career Group, I secured All India Rank 16 by appearing GATE 2017 exam in my very first attempt.

ECG: What was Your GATE 2017 you appeared in? What was your score and marks you got?

Aashish Aggarwal: I got Mechanical Engineering set 2 and I got the score of 944 with 92.33 marks in set 2 which were normalized to 90.23.

ECG: Which PSUs did you apply to? Which ones did you get a call from?

Aashish Aggarwal: Because of my AIR 16, I got the call from all the PSUs that I applied to. Some of them were ONGC, IOCL, BHEL, NTPC, HAL, HPGCL, OIL, and BPCL.

Careers360: Which PSU have you joined in and the reason behind the joining?

Aashish Aggarwal: I wanted to work for some oil PSU due to perks and other benefits. I had Job offers from almost all of them but I settled for IOCL due to best in class perks, job diversity and its presence in all the parts of country


ECG: Tell us about the GATE cut off for the PSUs you appeared in?

Aashish Aggarwal: For PSUs like BHEL cutoffs are very high 86+ Marks! As for PSUs with more seats like ONGC, IOCL, and others, the general cutoff is 78+ Marks.

ECG: Tell us the number of people who came for the interview? And what kind of things to be considered seriously?

Aashish Aggarwal:


PSUs Name No. of Candidates
BHEL 100
IOCL 500+
ONGC 500+
HAL 500+
BPCL 1000

For interview calls, the following things play a major role:-

  1. GATE score
  2. Number of Seats available
  3. Graduation percentage (Min. 65%)
  4. Age


ECG: How did you prepare for the PSU interviews? Do candidates need to have some knowledge about the company and such things?

Aashish Aggarwal: For PSU interviews, keep the following things in mind:-

  1. Be confident and well dressed
  2. Your basic concepts must be clear
  3. Basic info about company and its operations
  4. Project and Training
  5. Current Affairs
  6. If you do not get any answer, stay calm and just keep one thing in mind and that thing is “it is all about handling the questions in a professional way instead of giving wrong answers “.

ECG: How many members were there to take the interview? If possible, can you specify how many technical people and others were on the interview panel?

Aashish Aggarwal:

Total members of the PSU Interview Period


PSU Name Technical Round HR Round Total(Approx.)
BHEL 6 2 8
IOCL 3 1 4
ONGC 3 1 4
HAL 6 1 6
BPCL Interviews were separate













ECG: What happened at the very first beginning of the interview? How long was the interview?

Aashish Aggarwal: Apart from my personal introduction, they asked me about my family background and the projects I made during my training period. After that, they asked me basic questions about my favorite subjects to test my level of understanding. Interview normally lasted for about 15-20 minutes

ECG: How was your experience at the PSU interview? Please specify the questions you were asked?

Aashish Aggarwal: My PSU interview experience was on a completely different level as compared to on-campus Interview. In campus interviews, I had to prove my knowledge of the curriculum, and current affairs were barely asked. But in PSU interviews, since jobs are mostly managerial, they checked the level of understanding and how clearly I explained things that I already knew as my rank was a clear indication of my knowledge. Questions that were asked were very simple. They just checked how clearly I was able to explain them. In every interview, I was asked about current affairs to check my general awareness.

ECG: How do you categorize your interview tough or Simple? In what way?

Aashish Aggarwal: Yeah, of course! Tell you what; everyone was tensed before the interview and so was I. Sometimes it happened that they asked the easiest questions and I knew the answers, but I struggled to give the answer I had in my mind, as words wouldn’t come out as they ideally do. This is common, so one must just remember not to panic in such situations!

 ECG:  Any group discussion you had been through during the PSU recruitment? If yes, how was the experience? What kind of topics should one expect? Any tips

Aashish Aggarwal: Yeah! GD is an elimination round in BPCL and it carries 2.5 % weighting in IOCL. What one will experience basically depends on one’s GD-Mates! Sometimes it might happen that some of them would not even give you even a single chance to speak or they might interrupt you a lot! Keep in mind that the judges are experienced and they would notice everything. Also, the quality of views is more important than quantity. In my case, everyone got chances to speak whenever they genuinely wanted to. One Tip: Don’t panic when you are are not able to initiate the GD, you will get many chances to express your views.

ECG: Were the PSU interviews easy or tough? What do you make out of it?

Aashish Aggarwal: PSU interviews are easy but the way we look at them makes them difficult. During the interview, only basics are asked but due to tension, we are not even able to speak what we want to. Interviewers are experienced and they would judge your personality and abilities just by looking at your face, how well you behave, how you explain the simplest of things. So, try not to worry much.

ECG: Any other important tips to GATE aspirants who wish to join PSUs?

Aashish Aggarwal: GATE exam tests the aptitude level and the learning power of an individual. Before starting GATE preparation, you must be motivated enough or else a half-hearted effort will not yield the desired result. Study as much as you can and do not aim for ranks. The objective should be to attempt correctly all the questions that you know.



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