Questions asked from Sandeep Goyal in 2016 ESE or IES Interview | Live Interaction with IES Clear Student

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Another Student from Engineers Career Group cracked ESE exam or IES  exam in 2016. Sandeep Goyal is the one we are talking about here. On his success engineers career group congrats him and wishes him a prosperous and happy life in future. So, during a live session at Engineers Career Group Chandigarh, we asked Sandeep about an experience of his ESE Interview. Following is a detailed discussion about his interview session at ESE Exam Interview 2016.




Name of the Chairperson: Shree Vinay Mittal

Board members: Two Ladies member and one Male member

Interview Date:17-10-2016

Time of the interview: 5 PM to 5:30 PM

UPSC Roll Number:0132620

Name: Sandeep Goyal



Interview Details:


BM-à Board Member



CP: He show my photo and asked is it you?

CP: You are working in BEL, am I right?

CP: You are working in BEL since almost two year, what is your contribution?

CP: What is your current designation and project in BEL?

(since I am working as a Maintenance engineer in AEW&C (Aircraft))

CP: What is the importance of this project:

CP: How your system different from other system like already radars installed on border areas

CP: What is the Range of your system?

CP: How you differentiate semiconductor, insulator and conductor?

(I explained with energy gap)

CP: Other than energy gap how you differentiate?

CP: Can insulator work as a conductor?

CP: What is breakdown in insulator and its types?

CP: Can insulator work as a conductor after breakdown?

CP: Why breakdown occurred in insulators?



BM1: What is XOR gate and its application.

BM1: Design odd parity generator with XOR gate without K map

BM1: What is Gray code:

BM1: What are the applications of Gray code?

BM1: Write 3 bit gray code from 0 to 7.

BM1: What is the use of XOR gate in BCD Adder?



BM2: What are the types of Maintenance?

BM2: What is Preventive Maintenance?

BM2: What is Scheduling Maintenance?

BM2: Have you heard about zener diode?

BM2: How it is different from normal diode?

BM2: Draw the V-I characteristics of Zener diode?

BM2: What are the applications of Zener diode?

(I said Voltage regulator)

BM2:Draw the Voltage regulator circuit with zener diode?

BM2: Explain the Circuit with proper sinusoidal signal at the input?

BM2: What is the other application of Zener diode other than regulator?


BM3: What are the types of breakdown in diodes?

BM3: Can you use normal diode as a regulator?

BM3: Why Zener diode is used for regulator as the characteristics of avalanche and zener is same?

BM3: What is the junction width of zener diode

BM3: What is the electric field across the junction in Zener diode?

BM3: Have you heard about DPSK?

BM3: How it is different from BPSK?

BM3: He gave a 8 bit random sequence and asked to generate DPSK signal?


BM3: is we need carrier at the DPSK receiver?

BM3: What is the Disadvantage of DPSK over BPSK?

BM3: Have you heard about Clippers and Clampers?

BM3: Draw the circuit of clipper with Zener diode?

BM3: Explain the Circuit and assume it is ideal diode?


CP: Thanks and you can go now.


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