Survival of Budding Engineers in India

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Today’s Article by Er. D Singla

GATE is no more student friendly but rather very much business friendly for coaching institutes.Stats in 2013 say around 12 lakh registered and 9 lakh appeared & 1.3 lakh cleared and the race will go high 15 lakh plus in gate why so many people appear for gate .Do all have passion for teaching and research no NO NO. It may be only 2 to 3%.Rest of all are looking for escape hole from unemployment and Low paying /torture ful BPO jobs .And these mass group fall a prey to coaching Institute earning in crores of rupees.The fate of our country today is here 12 lakh engineers are striving too hard for getting good job career but none what to change the system /politics which allow menace BPO sector exploiting engineers/corruption e.t.c. A doctor after MBBS able to earn on his own by visiting clinic.A lawyer can earn on his own by advocating.But engineers alone looking for job/employment depend on others .Because engineers are not made as real engineers by education system which focus on theories unable to solve real problems and earn decent living.People competing for PM post is hardly 1 or 2. But 12 LAKH engineers are competing for GATE.People by nature will have there own unique ability .There are not ready to explore there unique talent and try to apply them to our country and earn a quality living.And its not fare to measure the quality of mass people based on a complex theory based common question paper.That will not help to identify real talents.This is not hapenning any where in the world.Who is responsible for the generation of lakhs of under minded engineers.In our country the magnitude of impact created by Politician both positive and negative is huge when compared to engineers But there is no SUCH EXAM for politicians? who are creating bill and making laws! and all unqualified /un ethical rude people are ruling us for years and poor engineers are by product of their bad system. Nobody can save them unless there himself/ herself find a way earn quality living.Today real estate brokers and contract builders are earning with half baked qualification are earning in crores.Need of the hour is engineers should realise that game around and find there own way to serve the world and earn quality living.All the best engineers

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