What are the biggest mistakes while preparing for the GATE Exam ?

Mistakes While Preparig for gate exam1
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As the GATE Exam is going to come near so everyone is worried about their preparations and strategies to clear the exam but are you pretty sure about the methods of your preparation ?
Are you sure that with this strategy you are going to score in this GATE exam ?

Mistakes While Preparig for gate exam1


Well, you are not, actually no one is sure but here we will aware you about some common mistakes which are done by the students while preparing their GATE exam.

So here we go:

  1. By Studying in a Wrong way : Some students buy some unauthenticated and under experienced author books which guide them in a wrong manner. So, try to study only good and trustworthy author books for GATE Exam.
  2. Avoiding Some Key Subjects : Some people just avoid Maths and Aptitude while preparing for GATE exam. We suggest you that DO NOT AVOID Maths and Aptitude as this can make a difference of 6-8 marks which you can score easily.
  3. Losing Confidence after seeing Syllabus : When you see the syllabus don’t loose your hope, focus on the part you know and start from it to prepare because preparation is the only key to clear GATE.
  4. By not taking any help : Some students feels that why to spoil their money by taking some guidance, help or coaching but to clear GATE exam you actually need a good teacher to guide you to tell you that what to do and what not to.
  5. Avoiding Previous Year Question Papers : The questions for GATE change every year but the fundamentals to solve them don’t. So by solving previous year question you will get a hand’s on experience with those fundamentals. So, Do Practice Previous Year Gate Question Papers for GATE Exam.
  6. Avoiding Online Test Series : Students practice questions offline but dear GATE is online and you need to have a prior experience to actually avoid pressure and to check your preparation.So, buy an online test series , as you can easily buy it for a very affordable price so DO NOT Avoid it.


The last thing is that Do not forget your Admit Card to Print on time.

Best Of Luck.

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