What is the right time to prepare for GATE?

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There’s no better day than Today & no better time than NOW!

GATE is one of the most promising career exams for engineering graduates, lakhs of students appear for it every year. In order to get through with their jobs in different PSUs or to get enrolled in premier institutes. GATE is the first target of an engineering student.

If figures are to be believed, out of so many candidates only 16% clear the test. The major factor as to why students fail to clear the test is because they don’t start on time! When you start preparing for GATE in your last year of the degree, you are mere increasing pressure on your mind and giving half attention into two most important areas; GATE entrance and your final year exam!

There’s no substitute for hard work and consistency. An effective strategy is what is needed here. Let’s take a small example to understand the idea completely.

[There is a man whose name is X.

X like taking challenges. He is always looking for something which is beyond his comfort zone. X has got a new task which he is very much excited about this.

The task is running a marathon.

But, there is a problem. One can’t directly run a marathon successfully if he doesn’t practice at all.(You need to do months of practice, endless running to run the marathon successfully)

Now X has got two questions

Total distance he needs to run (Syllabus) & where he has to run, path or terrain (Previous year questions as benchmark)

First thing X needs to keep in mind is the distance he has to run in the marathon.

If the marathon is for 10 km then you can’t do practice for 8 km and expect to ace the 10 km marathon.”

You need to put hours in 10 km marathon practice then only you will find yourself completing the 10 km run successfully. (You need to complete the syllabus)

You have prepared your mind for 10 km run by now.

Half of the problem is solved.

Now where X needs to run. The terrain or the path. (Just for reference and clearing my main point)

Suppose the marathon is in the hilly region then you need to practice in the hilly region for the best possible results.

Practicing in the plain region and expecting to perform well in the hilly region is bit absurd. (Know what exactly you need to study)

It means one needs to prepare in the way he is going to be tested in the exam. (Battlefield)]


What we can clearly infer from this is that you can’t just take “A leap in the dark”! Plan an effective strategy, get guidance from the experts and best study material to get you started with the preparation. Now that we know that it’s important to start early, there are lots of benefits that can be used as a motivation towards starting early and being consistent.


  • No Burden

When you have plenty of time in your hand, you can plan things according to your grasping power and capability. Planning each day will help you avoid the last minute jitters. The human mind works 60% more effectively when it works under no pressure. So while many of your mates will panic at the last moment seeing a hell lot of syllabus in front of them, you can sit back and relax as you would have finished it by then.


  • Preparing well for your degree

GATE exam itself is set so wisely hence giving students an indication about the right time to start. Most of the topics and subjects covered in the GATE syllabus are included in the 3rd year of your degree. So you won’t have to take out separate time for your preparation. Hit two targets with one arrow!


  • Time for Revisions

Once you are done with the whole syllabus in your 3rd year, think about all the time you will have in hand for revisions or for taking MOC tests. This will not only make your preparation strong but will boost your confidence level as well.


  • Invest the remaining time

With you being in the “No Hurry” mode, avoid compromising with study material and choosing the coaching institute that you want to join. Invest a good amount of time in making this decision because this is something your whole preparation will depend on.


Start your preparation right from the start of your 3rd year of the degree to avoid hassles and compromises. Strong Preparation & Confidence is the key!

No need to get disheartened if you are already a few months away from the test and still don’t have a strategy for it. Let us help you in the process. Enigneers Career Group takes pride in helping many students from last 9 years in writing their success stories. From carefully chosen study material to extremely talented staff, engineers career group keeps a closer look at each student’s capabilities and focus on their individual needs.

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