What will you Loose If you Do Not Start Your GATE Preparation in 3rd Year of B.Tech

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 ? What will you Loose If you Do Not Start Your GATE Preparation in 3rd Year of B.Tech

With just about a few months to go for GATE exam, a lot of aspirants are working hard to get through. While a few would be able to fulfil this dream, there will be many who won’t be able to crack it. The concern lies in the fact that what is the right time when one should start the preparations. We previously discussed the right time to start the preparation . Now let’s jot down the disadvantages that one may face if he/she doesn’t start on the right time.

  1. Lack of strong Base

When you are already running short of time, you are bound to cover all the topics in hurry. In haste, there’s no time for learning the facts. Such knowledge is hollow and the preparations thus are not strong enough for cracking such a big exam.


  1. Losing the opportunity

All important topics which are considered highly scoring in GATE exam are included in the coursework for 3rd-year students. If you waste this time, you would have to study all these subjects over again thus wasting a lot of time. If you complete these topics on right time, this time can be utilized for revisions.

  1. Last minute panic

If you are not starting on time, last minute panic is assured. With a lot of syllabi left and a few days to go, no strategy will prove beneficial. No matter how many sleepless nights you devote, there will be a void in your preparation.


  1. No time for revisions

Just covering all the topics is never enough. It should also be combined with sample test papers, MOC tests, revision schedules and more to make sure every topic is covered enough number to times for it to stick like gum in your memory. When you are not even sure for your syllabus completion, revisions are a far cry.


  1. Low confidence level

Confidence comes only if you are well prepared, your topics are thoroughly revised and you remember everything you studied. With not much attention and time devoted to these ways, confidence level will fall miserably and you won’t be able to give exam with a calm and peaceful mind.


Make sure you save yourself from the trouble and start preparing on time. If you are already in the 3rd year of your degree, the clock is ticking and you must get hold of the time. Losing the opportunity would mean waiting another year.

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