Which Indian engineering colleges are better than IITs

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In an overall setting, no college comes close to the IITs (my experience is very limited to the 5 old IITs namely Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Kanpur/Kharagpur) and it would not be just to comment on the new IITs.

For a rich start-up culture and promoting entrepreneurship, I find BITS to be the place in India. IITs may have great techies but, BITS makes for great entrepreneurs on a whole.

Have heard from IITians and IIITians saying IIIT-H pips IITs hands down at Computer Science.

For chemical engineering , undoubtedly, ICT Bombay comes first.

Mining and allied technologies are best taught at ISM (admission through JEE but then again not an IIT). They have some of the most unusual courses and some great faculty to teach them.

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