Why choose GATE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh?

why gate coaching in chandigarh
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GATE result can get cheers or tears for you, so it’s a good idea to invest a little time to explore the best GATE coaching institute for yourself.

GATE is conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven IITs on behalf of the National Coordination Board-GATE (Dept. of Higher Education, HRD ministry).

The GATE test scores can decide your future whether you want to pursue your higher studies with reputed institutions offering a master of engineering, master of technology or Ph.D. programmes. Or you want to get hired by some PSUs. The highest the score the promising will be the future.

It is apparently clear that cracking a GATE exam is not a cakewalk; you need to invest a lot of time and efforts if you dream to carry out effective GATE exam preparations.

Now the question arises is; if the self-study idea is good or should you join any GATE coaching institute? And the answer is; if you feel you can schedule your studies and have someone around you to guide you on how to prepare for GATE exam? then you can stay home to do the GATE preparations at your own.

But if this is not the case then you must opt to join any GATE coaching center doubtlessly.

Why Should you join GATE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh?

Beyond its beauty, Chandigarh is known to be the study hub. Oodles of study institutes, colleges, universities and located in Chandigarh.

Then how could the GATE preparation institutes not establish in this study region? Yes, Chandigarh has some top rated GATE coaching institutes stationed, which are known for providing best GATE coaching in Chandigarh.

Many All India toppers have been produced by these GATE coaching centers in various Engineering streams. Their GATE preparation methodology is really outstanding and they have marked their presence by showing results over a period of time.

It is rightly said “Never judge a book by its cover” this phrase is epitome for this post, you will understand the ideology behind why is it not always good to opt for big names or big brands. Small city GATE coaching institutes could also deliver your desired results. What matters is your own dedication. This post will convince why you should go for any GATE coaching institute in Chandigarh instead of Delhi or Hyderabad like metro cities.

While exploring for best GATE coaching institute for you, there are certain parameters that you should check before joining it. Following let’s check out some of these parameters or reason for preparing GATE exam with any institute providing GATE classes in Chandigarh.

GATE Classes Batch Size

If you take a look, most of the GATE institutes in Delhi have multiple branches across the India and even in Delhi. Moreover, we can’t deny the fact that education is one of the extremely large scale businesses in India, so these institutes never refuse any student and keep enrolling who so ever comes to them. This results in huge batch size and that adversely affect the teacher students efforts for GATE preparations.

An institute that enrolls limited students in one batch can create a better study environment. Following are benefits that you can get from GATE institute in Chandigarh over any other GATE institute in the metro city.

  • Students can directly communicate with teachers.
  • One to one interaction can lead to better discussion.
  • Teachers can understand every student needs individually.
  • Better learning & competitive environment.

So before enrolling yourself with any GATE coaching center, do check what is the batch size they will put you in?

Long Travel time

Another major disadvantage of joining a coaching center in the metro city is; long travel hours. It is obvious that you will look for affordable accommodation when joining GATE coaching institute in another city.

We all know Metro cities are expensive in all aspects. If your institute is located a far from your accommodation you will surely waste a few hours while traveling to and from your institute. And while preparing for GATE exam every minute counts.

Getting enrolled with a GATE coaching institute in Chandigarh will save your bucks and travel time. Being this a study hub, you can find so many nearby affordable accommodation options.

  • Easy to commute in Chandigarh.
  • Affordable accommodations.
  • Nearby accommodations available.
  • Affordable commute options.

Big City Big Money

Simple logic any GATE institute operating in a big city will have big expenses and obviously big fees for coaching classes. It’s not bound that expensive GATE coaching will get you through the GATE exam.

Enrolling with small cities GATE coaching centers are not at all bad idea. Moreover, you should check the result history of the institute you are looking forward to joining.

Sometimes a big brand is not big because of its results, it’s all advertising and promotion that worked in building their name & fame.

Following look at the toppers from last few years, which enrolled themselves with GATE coaching center in small cities and hit the nail on its head.

GATE 2018 toppers

Sahil Pandey 1000 3 Computer Science Engineering (CS) Kolkata
Aditya Dholakia 1000 4 Electrical Engineering (EE) VV Nagar
Abhishek Birla 1000 7 Electronics & Communication (EC) Kanpur
Prashant Varshney 944 1 Chemical Engineering (CH) Kanpur
Prerak Gupta 938 26 Electronics & Communication (EC) Jaipur

GATE 2017 toppers

Name AIR Score Stream City
Aamir Faisal Ansari 3 925 CH Nagpur
Ishwarduttsharma 5 900 CH Chandigarh
Nihar Ranjan Sahoo 9 957 CS Bhubaneshwar
Neetu Shyoran 12 878 CH Chandigarh
Anees Khan 15 840 ME Indore
Deepak Kumar Gupta 17 861 CH Aligarh

GATE 2016 toppers

Name AIR Stream Score City
Ronika Goswami 1 CH 1000 Guwahati
Avinash Kumar Shah 2 IN 956 Jalandhar
Sumit Kumar 8 ME 961 Patna
Ravi Gupta 17 CH 850 Angul
Vaijenath Biradar 13 CS 949 Aurangabad
Saurabh Kadiyan 20 CS 939 Chandigarh

 GATE 2015 toppers 

Deepak R 2 EC 1000 Indore
Gorijala Mahesh 4 EC 1000 Vijayawada
Warsha Barde 6 BT 863 Rourkela
Jatin Dubey 7 PI* 865 Jabalpur
Swati Singh 10 CH 890 Chandigarh
Prakash 16 CH 864 Warangal

Faculty Matters

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

After all, its teacher who can lead you in the right direction for cracking GATE exam. Big brand institutes may sometimes hire low salaried or ad hoc faculty to handle various small jobs in GATE coaching like:

  • For R& D of study material.
  • Typing or publishing study material.
  • Fresher or novice IT experts for updating and maintaining websites.

Whereas every such thing contributes to making overall GATE coaching program effective with any institute.

Small city GATE institutes have pressure to hire experienced & educated faculty because they know only appropriate faculty members can produce good results.

Most of the GATE institutes in Chandigarh have hired IIT pass outs in their faculty team. That’s why we could see so many GATE toppers from Chandigarh every year.

Study Material

Don’t hesitate to ask about what study material a GATE preparing classes institute provides. For cost-cutting and increasing the profit share, the big brand institutes may not provide published study material, instead may emphasis on online teaching methodology. Which is good in fact but having books and notes in hand is the biggest aid to any student.

It has been seen that most of the GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh and other small cities still religiously follow old school of study thoughts i.e. providing books and notes.

By this, we didn’t mean that GATE institutes in Chandigarh are not compliant with the latest technology, they do provide:

  • Online LIVE lectures.
  • Downloadable study material.
  • Study mobiles apps.
  • Online test series.

“All that Glitter is not Gold”

Right? So never just go by the name blindfold, inquire as much as you can about the operations, classes, faculty, schedule and facilities available with GATE coaching institutes. Sometimes you do not get what is being said or acclaimed loud.

  • Collect feedback from alumni of the institutes.
  • Search the internet for online reviews.
  • Explore newspaper, magazine, and other educational online portals. (publishing about top GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh)
  • Investigate the institute’s reputation.
  • Check the result history of the institute.

Better you make your facts right and collect as much info. as you can before putting your finger on one best GATE coaching institute for you.

The more you flounder about which GATE coaching center is best for you the likelier it is that you will miss the boat and end up not getting enrolled for with any of the reputed GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

Engineers Career Group

ECG- Engineering Career Group is the best GATE preparation institute in Chandigarh, rated as No.1 by many education portals. We deliver what we promise.

With our 9+ years of experience in providing GATE coaching classes, many of our students have bagged top ranks with good GATE scores in GATE exam.

Abhishek 4 AE
Jugal Kishore 6 ME
Sameer 19 ME
Naveen 23 EE
Tarun 27 CS

To check the complete list of our toppers, please Click Here.

Some Salient features of Engineering Career Group

  • Result-producing GATE institute since 2009.
  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty.
  • GATE toppers, IIT graduates as a faculty member.
  • 500+ hrs. Course duration.
  • 7000+ Questions covered.
  • One to one flexible doubt sessions.
  • Regular & Weekend batches.
  • Full tenure & Crash GATE Courses.
  • Online LIVE lectures.
  • Online student enrollments.
  • EMI fee structure facility.

The list goes on, we assure you will get more than you have ever expected from any GATE coaching institute in Chandigarh.

So don’t miss the train, get yourself enrolled with ECG.

Feel free to Contact us anytime for any further knowledge share or inquiry.

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