Why is GATE exam easy even for an Average Student ?

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Let us define GATE exam, which is Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is an aptitude based exam. Most of the toppers who cleared the exam till now are average students. So, why do some people think that it needs an extra god gift to clear GATE exam. Thus is all because of the society and peers who have hyped it so much that we get scared to give GATE, but in reality, it is not that tough that you can’t crack it.

So, if not god gift or extra talent then what does it takes to crack GATE exam?

It takes a person to be passionate and curious enough to be self-motivated and enthusiastic for cracking GATE exam or any other.

If we talk about all those who have cleared GATE exam then we will find that they got mere 60-70% in the Degree but then they saw a bleak future in front of them which led them to put all of their efforts and beliefs in cracking GATE exam.

So, when we talk about the preparation part in today’s time it is better to start preparing for GATE at least a year or two because of the demand of this exam is increasing and somehow you will get better career prospects if you are able to clear this exam.

Also, despite your credentials of being average or topper, it is necessary that you have a well-defined process which you are following in every subject for the prepait’sion. So, its all about what your instincts and priorities are, how you move towards them in an optimistic or pessimistic way is your choice.

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