Why is M Tech better than joining a sellout low-paying job?

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For quite some time now there has been a phenomenon of so called ‘mass recruiters’ in campuses all over India. These companies pay hardly enough in these jobs for surviving in big cities and they are very tough task masters. In some instances people have to compulsorily do night shifts even though it is not BPO work, thus ruining their health and peace of mind. They hire in bulk (hundreds from a single college) every year.
When people get selected for such companies they get complacent. They stop trying. After two-three years, it is to their bitter disappointment when they realize that they are frustrated and want to leave their jobs. Till then another fresher batch is ready to take their place.
Today’s India is being built by engineers. The quality of that will depend on the quality of our engineers. Unfortunately we have focused on quantity and not quality in higher education. Private colleges are churning out engineers who are quite literally incompetent in their fields.
A lot of blame lies in the environment these engineers find themselves in. When no one is interested in teaching or studying around them why shouldn’t they do the same? It is thus important to remember that it is we who make our destinies and not others.
For those of us who have never studied from standard books, who have gone to exams mugging up question banks and who have always started two days before exams, it is a wake-up call. Such people may have got placed but their complacency is only an illusion. GATE 2013 is a chance to mend ways and become a good engineer for the rest of your life. Not only will a PG from a good college give you perspective to good engineering, but more importantly you will find yourself in company of talented and hardworking people. Their positive influence on you will bring out the best in you.
It is not just a degree. It is a chance to start again. It is a chance to undo wrongs of your past. Go for M Tech from a good college not only for a better shot at a job, but for becoming a better engineer.

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