Majer Reason Behind Unemployment After Engineering

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I want to be an Engineer. Did you say this in your teens, when somebody asked you what do you want to do in your life? If not an engineer you must have thought of something? And as you grow up, you either choose a course that is going to offer you a job as soon as you pass out or will simply dive into the ocean of engineers and doctors. Well, the medical colleges made it a bit easy for you to choose, by reducing the number of seats they offer, making engineering one of the last resorts.

Engineering though has a vast scope of employment and is a vocational course, yet has lead to a large number of unemployed graduates, you know why? Because with subjective knowledge, practical training is equally important to prepare the students for the industry, and as the number of degrees imparting institutes is growing, the quality of education is dropping.

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Source: India Today

According to a report by Aspiring Minds in 2016, around 80% of engineers in the country are unemployable, and it’s another study claims that out of all the candidates appearing for software developing job interviews only 4.77% of them could clear the minimum requirement tests.

The traditional education system has not developed in the developing industry, thus leading to a huge gap in what the market demands and what the colleges are teaching. There are more than 33,023 engineering colleges in India but are lacking in providing quality teachers. While the companies are only interested in the well-reputed colleges, students from the unknown institutes are simply left wondering.

Almost 1.5 million engineers graduate every year in India, out of which only 40% get campus placements. With all the facts in here, I do not mean to scare you; all that I want to tell you is identify what you want and what you want to be. Then, move forward in that direction.

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Source: The Hindu


To be employable, you need to walk an extra mile, beyond just academic excellence. Along with the technical know-how, there is a need to understand the market and acquire a skill set accordingly. Recognize the number of options that you have around you. If not a college placement, try for government jobs. Institutes like Engineers Career Group, an IES and GATE coaching centre in Chandigarh gives way to a pool of opportunities for you.

You can also sit for free classroom Notes For GATE and IES, if not that at least download the syllabus for GATE, IES, SSC JE. Just take a look at it, identify your strengths and work on them, figure out the subjects that interest you the most and excel in them. Take up offline jobs, training, read blogs; that’ll help you in exploring and learning more.

Therefore, holding a degree might open a great avenue but to remain relevant to that field one needs to keep learning. Engineering not only offers a reputed job but also gives you an opportunity to be a part of the world that is developing incredibly fast; you must not let it go like that.

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