Why should i go for GATE coaching instead of Industrial Training ?

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Industrial training is an integral part of B.tech. But with recent upgradations in the B.tech like the introduction of Exit exam by Aicte and then making it compulsory for every student in private or government college. The government is now also considering only those students as eligible for the B.tech Degree who will clear this exam.

Now, this exit exam is very much similar and is very much based on the syllabus and pattern of GATE exam. So, preparing for GATE exam is somehow a task which is needed to be done by every student.



Now, when we talk about the Industrial training, it is a part of the syllabus because it gives you an overview of the work culture & to train to & your mind to become a human resource. but it is only worthy if it is done properly and with a proper company, which is not happening in reality. There are very few students, colleges & companies who are doing so, else everyone is just helping you to get the certificate in order to pass the Degree.

So, if this is going to happen to you as well then it is better to go for the preparation of GATE exam. There are more reasons to why to choose GATE over Industrial training as follows:

1- GATE is providing you chance to get admission in Good colleges like IIT’s etc after your graduation for Masters.

2- GATE also makes you capable enough to prove you engineering degree as you have the knowledge that what have you studied.

3- Even if you are planning to go abroad then also GATE preparation done in India will be a lot helpful to you while doing your studies abroad.

4- GATE makes you capable of getting a good Government job after B.tech in PSU’s. It helps you to become employable.


So, if you are thinking of that same old school Industrial training process then we would suggest you spend your time in some wise decisions and place to get a better future.

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