Why you should start preparing for GATE or any other Engineering Competitive exam in 3 year of B.tech ?

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Everybody in engineering today is running for jobs and many of them are going out of the domain of their engineering in order to get Govt Jobs. For example, a student of CSE is now preparing for Banking Exam, a student of ECE is now preparing for SSC exam, a student of civil is now preparing for MBA exams and etc.

So, for an engineering student going to the other domain means he/she is not getting what he or she wants in that field. This is because the students are not focussed towards their actual engineering and are just focussed towards jobs instead if they focus on their studies then they can crack engineering competitive exams in their own domain. Along with this, there are some students who are quite focused towards their engineering and want to crack exams like GATE, UGC NET, SSC JE & IES etc. For those students who want to make their career in Engineering domain and also in Government department, we have the following reasons that why they should start preparing in 3rd for their competitive exams.

1- It gives you time to prepare for your desired examination and this makes your upper hand as compared to other students.

2- It gives you an extra chance to try for the examination live and have a taste of the real fight in the examination and which will help you in scoring good marks in your real examination.

3- It decreases stress and you can prepare properly for your examination in the proper manner while enjoying your studies and life along with it.

4- You can prepare for GATE & IES in your 3rd year and then in the 4th year you can also prepare for your General knowledge which will make your arsenal strong and make you prepare for other exams also like SSC JE & UGC NET.

5- The 3rd year is also crucial in your degree studies and you have tough subjects to study as well. So, having coaching from a good competitive institute will prepare your GATE  & IES along with it will help you in scoring good in your degree studies.

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